Sunday, January 31, 2010

As the NAKED FEST comes to the season finale, stay tuned for the premiere of...The Block Party of BABES!

Oh Brown! I'm so excited! My first time drinking and my first gangbang with all of you Frat Boyz! My sorority sisters won't believe it!

(Trust me...When they see how sore you'll be in the morning the first thing they're going to say is-- You've been over to the Frat House haven't ya?)


kyle said...

Don't look so surprised. You know this was going to happen as soon as you invited the boys over!

whiteboy said...

She is already well on her way to blitz-hood. No effin' way is she going to remember this night!

The_Swordsman said...

This is going to be quite a spiritual experience for her...You'll tell from her crying out.