Saturday, May 31, 2008

Folks, Meet my sweet fantasy girlfriend. She's so succulently fine, I wrote an erotic short story based on her!

That short story was the most erotic, sexually charged story I had ever written...With that delicious looking body, can you blame me?

Oh my! That lovely caramel babe is oh so FINE!

De-fricken-lish! I want to get as many lovely pics of her as I can. Mmmm Mmmm!

Ohh! Ugghh! Oh Brown! This is so good! Ugggh!

(Mmmm...Yeah, Baby...Being on top is good for you.)

At Brown's Luxury Hotels and Suites, we offer the finest in service and comfort...especially the pillows.

Brown's Luxury Hotel and Suites...For the Titty Lover in You.

Sweet Mother of Pearl! Those are SENSATIONAL!

Thise look very delectable to the taste and touch. OMFG!

Tap me real good, Big Daddy....I'm ready!

(Tapping you real good is a given, Sweet Thang! Mmm...)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That baby looks nothing like me...*whew!*

However, I sure could use some breast feeding myself from her friend on the left. Yowza!

Oh my...I sooo need to take THAT call!

Yum fricken yum!

Ah ah ahhh...! Don't put that out there if you don't intend to use it!

Magnificent Mocha Masterpiece!

I could kiss those sweet chocolate lips and tits all day...Mmmm!

Bodaciously Busty Golden Girl....

She's so mouth watering thick, I think I want to wrestle her!

The Adventures of Ashley (The College Years)...

...with her friend Sarah!

That's exactly the type of face I make when I get ahold of some really nice juggs...

I just can't help it...titties are my weakness!

I just love how some women can just "burst" onto the scene like they do...

This honey is no different...Juggs so nice, they make you want to beg for buttermilk!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Nothing like a nice view of cleavage and the horizon. Both are breathtaking!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Cleavage does the body GOOD!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

I gotta have chocolate!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Sure they might by fake, but they are nice enough to make the cut.

2008 Cleavage Fest!

De-fricken-lish! Lovely Latina Powerhouse! Mmmm Mmmm!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

If you want it, come get it, Baby!
(That I will, Sweet thang!)

2008 Cleavage Fest!

She told me she didn't need the Cleavage Fest as an excuse to seduce me...and I believe her!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Even the sweet MILFs know how to get in on the seduction. Yowza!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

I gave them a couple of drinks and that was all that was needed for them to entertain me...

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Shiiiit! I'm going to buy every last one of their drinks! We are going to P-A-R-T-Y!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

We even let some teens partake in the festivities (with legal boundaries of course)...If they are legal, all bets are off! Heh! Heh!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

...and now, the festival's featured food...Melons!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

What a pleasure having her as a part of this festival...What a cutie!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Not even cheap photoshop effects can diminish the beauty of nice cleavage.

2008 Cleavage Fest!

I'd roll her on the hammock any day of the week!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Their "passes" check out quite nicely...they may proceed into the party!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Her hairstyle is not the only "banging" I'd like to see going on!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

...and what a great time it is to celebrate!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Who says the drive thru can't be sexy?

2008 Cleavage Fest!

Sweetly neat!

2008 Cleavage Fest!

These chicks have DEFINITELY made the cut!

Even bad girls in handcuffs can look pretty fricken hot...

Can I keep her at my house for "home detention" to serve out her sentence?

She looks like she's about ready to devour me...

...and I'm more than willing to submit to ease her hunger...

Come on and have a seat with me...Did you bring the drinks? I'm so horny when I'm tipsy...

(Awww shiiiiit! I'd better run by the liquor store for just a little more...)

Luscious Latina Luxury...

They were sweet enough to volunteer as my "room service" to fulfill my fantasy on my birthday...Aren't they wonderful?

Be a friend...Hug someone today...

If that was the incentive for me to hug someone, I'd be the KING of hugs!

Watch it, Popi! Don't think I can't take you on 'cause you're so tall...

(I never doubted that for one minute, Baby...but I'd love to see what you can handle!)

Captivating Caramel Indulgence!

She is so yummy looking, she deserves the romantic dinners and dancing...What a sweetheart!

Oh so succulent and juicy...She is one of my irrestibly sweet mocha delicacies!

Where my tongue would be on her is virtually unlimited...Damn, she's fine!

Mr. Brown, I will bounce you up and down and all around...

Sweet thang, you can bounce me any way you like...I see you're dressed for the occasion so let's get with it!

This young lady has tons of seductive potential...and I'm willing to bet that she'll put it to good use.

If she's legal, I'd love to take multiple "strokes" with her on her swim team...nothing like getting her nice and wet!

You know, I thought I'd take up scuba diving, but for some reason I seem to be having trouble getting though the first phase of the class...

You might say the instructor could have something to do with that...

Hmmm...I wonder what it will take to finally seduce you, Brown...

(I think that sweet looking rack will probably do the trick!)