Sunday, June 29, 2008

I knew you wanted to take picture of me, Brown...I spotted you in the other building with your binoculars.

(I guess you busted me. Thank you for letting me get to see your lovely body up close and personal. May I please taste those after this shoot?)

I love to horse around...Don't you?

(You better believe it....and I'll give you a far better ride than than that stallion ever could!)

Would you like to touch these too?

(You never have to ask that question.)

Oh my...I think my breasts have gotten bigger!

(Oh my! I think they have. Let me suck them down.)

I'll be your horse, Cowgirl...

(You can ride me anytime!)

I've never been dipped in chocolate before....I'm a little nervous about this...Is it going to hurt?

(Of course it might hurt...a lot! But I'll say this...Once you get a taste, nothing else will do!)

It was just a toy spider...They seem unfazed by me taking this pic while they're pre-occupied.

I love it when a practical joke works to the max!

I bet you didn't expect THIS to be part of your package at the spa, huh?

(Oh my...This is much more than just a massage, eh? Ohhhh yeahhhh!)

Thank you so much for letting me bring my pink blanket. I feel so comfortable now.

(Good...Let's get down to business of some serious body slapping!)

Hey! Look what we brought for the Mardi Gras!

(Oh, those are very nice...Just set them over here in my mouth please!)

Sexy olympic gymnast turned centerfold...

I used to think all gymnasts were shapeless and boney...She sure changed my opinion quick!

I need you to get behind me on this!

(That is exactly what I had in mind!)

Okay, okay! Here they are! You happy now?

(Not until I start sucking on them!)

Shiiiit! I guess it's time to take up fishing again...

I just got to get her some better beer!

Yeah, Brown...I am sooo ready to phuck right now. You wanna come over?

(Shiiit! Are you kidding? If I come over, I'm going to make you cum just sucking on those succulent titties. Are you sure you're ready for that?)

Oh my...Don't you love those computer whiz types with glasses? So fricken hot!

Smart chicks and librarian babes with glasses are the new hotties!

Slam me good, Brown...I had a hard day at work so I need a hard one inside of me!

(A hard one is definitely what you'll get to work off your stress, Baby!)

She takes a licking and keeps on cumming...

(Okay...I changed part of the slogan. Sorry.)

Which ride would you prefer?

(I'd prefer to ride you on top of the ride, Baby!)

Fan favorite titties...

That's a sweet titty phuck waiting to happen! Yowza!

This is all the titty you need...Just add honey!

(Honey's not necessary...They are sweet all by themselves!)

Sorry...If you want to come up these stairs, you'll have to come through us!

(I'll be more than happy to cum through both of you!)

I like watching nature shows when the predator captures their prey...In this case however, the prey is usually eager and willing to be eaten.

Nothing spells sexy like hot college chicks ready to party!

Just let me get the liqour!

Deliciously mouth watering see-through...

That must be one hell of a party!

Now that's a pussycat I'd love to have as my "pet"...


Doubly delicious...

It's no way in hell I can handle two Nikkis...It would be overwhelming to my schlong!

Now THIS is a creative way in which a solicitor may just get my attention and I'd answer the door...

(Hell, her marketing strategy will damn near get me to buy anything to get a piece of that!)

I know who I want to cuddle with tonight....and it's not the bear!

This snake just won't do...Can I have YOURS inside me?

(You bet...and mine is just as long!)

No, I'm not Cyndi Lauper's little sister...Besides, my rack is much bigger than hers!

(Well, you do have a point and they are very nice!)

I'm willing to bet if she came over dressed as a French maid, you'd hire her on the spot wouldn't you?

I know I'd be a fool if I didn't!

So...What are you proposing I do to do you, Mr. Brown?

(I'd highly recommend you simply just phuck my brains out...Yeah, I think that would do it.)

Now THAT is the type of yellow that would make me a very mellow fellow!

Captivating Coral (in the pink) from MTV's "The Real World"

(Her tits are deliciously succulent! She says she likes women now...If only she'll let me film her "discoveries" into her "alternative lifestyle".)

I need to be licked, Brown...That's all I ask!

(You get much more than a licking...especially from that position!)

Big and tasty...

(....especially when I get them in my mouth!)

Tell me what your favorite position is and I'll do it!

(That position right there is good for starters...Go ahead and get naked please!)

We'll keep our little rendezvous on the down low from my boyfriend right?

(Hey, Baby...Your secret's always safe with me...Just keep those sweet titties coming!)

I saved this dance just for you...Happy Birthday, Baby!

(What a great birthday it is...Thanks!) Little does she know it's really not my birthday...

I saw you sneaking around to see me in my wet t-shirt...Here's a look for you!

(Holy smokes! I think I'm going to pass out!)

Wow! You're right, Brown...These are some nice looking tits!

(Hey...Have I ever steered you wrong on my observations?)

Hmph! You really think I'm a freak because of the fishnet stockings?

(Uh...YEAH! You're to hot not to be a freak! Yowza!)

Oh my...That is pleasing to the tongue!

Save a horse, ride a busty cowgirl!


Have I come to the right place? I want to party tonight!

(With that sweet rack, if there wasn't a party, I'd start one!)

Brown, You rock!

(You bet I do...and so do you, baby!)

Yes, Ladies...Your "credentials" check out very well...You may come on into my party!

(Just save a taste of those for me later...Thanks!)