Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I just have SO much titty, I can't possibly suck them alone....will you help?

What man could possibly turn THAT offer down?

My goodness, Brown. PLEASE say you'll be back for more tonight!

For your fine ass, it's ON, Baby! See you tonight!


Festivity Titties!

Are you ready for your pillow fight, Mr. Brown?

Yes please. I am ready....thank you! Those pillows look nice and fluffy.

I am loving Brown's shower....this water is so soft!

Yes, I've been on a motorboat before...why do you ask?

Don't tell her. By the time she catches on, it'll be too late. lol

You damn right my candy's is as sweet as this...in fact, it's SWEETER!

Mmmm...looks like a taste test is in order.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I love your pool, Frat Boys...Mind if I take a dip?

Sure...Just know I'm going to dip you later.

When I finish this shower, I'm going to repay you Frat Boys for your hospitality...

I'll also return the favor licking those freshly washed sugar walls.

Now you wouldn't let all my decorations keep you from wanting to suck on these, would you, Mr. Brown?

They haven't before and they won't start now. Besides, those are beauties!

You wanna lick too?

Yes, please.

Oh, so THIS is the pendulum swing position you wanted me to do.

Indeed. This will be a fun ride for you...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is THIS the action you've been waiting for, Frat Boys?

Uh...yeah-- We have an opening for Friday nights.

I'm more like a yacht than motorboat, Mr. Brown.

Indeed you are...and I'll give yours the VIP treatment. Heh!