Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What more needs to be said?

As sweet looking as she can be.

You know I'm fine, Brown. What's up?

(You, Baby. It's all you.)

Buff your car and wax your cock, Mr. Brown?

(You know it. Now that's what I call full service.)


This is when self pics are fabulous!

Will I meet your tastes, Mr. Brown? I hope so...

(Oh my! You are too beautiful for your own good. Yes, I say you do meet my tastes).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

You know where your mouth belongs, Brown. Bring it here.

(Indeed I will, Baby. Mmm...)

Señor Brown, does your mouth always water when I pop one of these out?

(Why would you ask a question you already know the answer to, Paola?)

Friday nights at the Frat House are always...banging!

...which is why this is the only fraternity worth pledging to.

This is one of those times the Travelocity gnome got trumped by his brother...

...and if he's pissed, I don't blame him.

My goodness! I love juicy mocha babes...

...and those are a couple of very nice crowd pleasers!

It's always a treat for Kim to come by to give me some like that...

..but a five second marriage is totally out of the question.

Come suck on THESE, Brown!

(My goodness! Is it my birthday, Layla?)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Am I beautiful enough to make Brown's Blog?

(My goodness, Baby! You are beyond that...I'd put you on twice.)

Yes...all that glow is all me.

(I bet it is with all of that hotness.)

I've got your medicine bottles right here, Mr. Brown!

(Indeed you do, Nurse Funbags. Thank you so much!)

You really think these look that delicious. Is THAT why your lips are pucking up?

(You better believe it, Baby. Those are going to be phucktabulous in my mouth. Bring them here, Lolita.)

Bring some of that wood-y over here, Mr. Brown. Be my wild man!

(Oh my! I most certainly will. Owwoooo!!!!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We heard about your awesome drinks and backyard hosedowns, Brown. When can we get some on that action?

(Looks like you ladies invited yourselves to a really good time).

Motorboat me, Baby!

(VROOOOOOOMM!!! Yeah, Veronica! Phucking sweet. Here I go again. VROOOM!!!)

What? You mean these? Sure, Brown! I honored you want some!

(Yes, you should be honored as it is part of the Frat House orientation...We'll get you in next week if my mouth agrees.)

Suck on me, Brown! How can you resist these?

(Mmmm...I can't. I just can't...nor would I ever want to!)

Brown, I taste as good as I look!

(Indeed you do, Baby... and I'm going get my taste!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

You know I want you, right?

(That's no surprise, Baby. I'll always give you what you want.)


Incredible cleavage!

They are ready for your sucking pleasure, Brown!

(Indeed they are and my lips and tongue are ready to enjoy them.)

Delightful, even if they might be enhanced.

I'd still titty phuck those real or not.

I'm so glad Brown was so generous to let me use his shower...I wonder how I should repay him for his generousity?

I'm sure I can think of some ways for her to do that. Heh!

You like, Mr. Brown?

(Uh...YEAH! You are so phucking sexy. Mmmm...)

I really enjoy this purple furniture, Brown!

(Why are you sitting on the armrest?)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brown, you know my titties aren't just a platter, they are a buffet!

(I can totally agree with that, Karen...and it'll be all I can lick and suck!)

It's been a while, Brown...It's good to see you back.

(Thank you, Baby. You'll see more of me soon.)

I sure hope I get serious consideration on Brown's blog...I wonder if I'm too overdressed?

Obviously she's not overdressed...big titties are always the ticket to get serious consideration on this blog.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Are you ready to get down to business or what?

(You damn skippy I do and I will right after I rip these clothes off.)

How long would you like for me to bounce on this, Mr. Brown?

(As long as I can continually video tape it, Janice.) Heh!

Do you want me to open this up, Frat Boys?

(There is never a time when you need to ask that, Sweetness. Get to it!)