Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop by the Cafe Mocha - More succulent entrees!

For your visual delight, the Babes of Cafe Mocha will be serving it up in the next few weeks starting today. Check it out and stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My eyes are up here, but I know you could care less.

(You got that right, Sweetness!)

This is nice, W.B. I didn't know you Frat Boys took the ladies out.

What she doesn't realize is, whatever it takes to seal the deal.

Come on, Brown. Put the camera down. These girls are not going to suck themselves.

(That is EASILY remedied.)

Nice to meet you, W.B. If you got a big trunk, let me search it, to find out how hard I've got to work it.

Mmmm...Looks like she'd work you good, W.B.!

Oh yeah, Brown. I wore this for you!

(Pardon my drool, Sweetheart. Thank you. De-LISH!!!)

Of course I'm naughty, Brown. I need to be spanked!

(Oh my! Looks like you've come to the right place for that-- the Frat House!)

Cleavage like that can make even the grainiest pic look good.


Are you getting those freshmen drunk off my mixed drinks again, Asher? I told you they're way too potent for first timers. This always happens!

Save it for Friday's happy hour next time. Heh! Heh!

I long for The Swordsman. He is such a sweet gentleman. I hope he returns here to Aruba soon.

(If he can't make it, I know where I'm spending MY next vacation.)


Nice try, Brown! That towel is even smaller than THIS one. May I have BIGGER towel please?

(Sorry. These small ones are all we allow at the Frat House.) Heh! Heh!

It's time to be taught your lesson, Asher. Sword told me you were being naughty.

Somehow, I don't think he'll complain about this type of disciplinary action. LOL!

I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't know I was trespassing. It's so beautiful out here. Want me to leave?

(Oh not at all...In fact, I just can't let you walk around my property and not invite you in my house for...tea!)

Get in here, W.B. I have a very special night prtepared for you. Do me really good and I'll even cook for you!

(Nice! I'd do you so good, you'd be cooking for weeks!)

If you're going to do me, you damn well better smack my ass too, Brown!

(That's a given, Sugar! Now here comes the piledrive!)

I thought you'd never ask me out, Brown. You're so phucking fine!

(Thank you, Marisol. So are you. You're about to have the night of your life, Baby!)

Leila has me on my knees and I LOVE it!

(Give me the million dollar briefcase and Leila and I say DEAL!!)

You guys need to tell me where Tank is or I'm about to get NAUGHTY up in here!

(Hmmm...Tank's been deejaying overseas. Looks like you're just going to have to get naughty. Heh! Heh!)

I don't mind you taking pics of me and W.B. at all, Brown. He feels really good!

Nice! Another satisfied Frat House groupie!

This is my first boat party, Swordsman. Is this a kind of initiation for college freshmen or something?

(If The Swordsman's involved, you better believe there's a good time involved. Just relax and enjoy the ride.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know you and the Frat Boys are looking down my shirt, Brown. That's the POINT!

Sweet! I love a babe that knows how we Frat Brothers think!

Hey Swordsman! Yes, I am so ready to spend the afternoon with you! Who wouldn't?

It's amazing The Swordsman can just go right to the beach and the babes know him by name even though they just met him. Now that's game!

Not to brag, but I KNOW I meet your criteria. Isn't that right, Brown? You haven't looked at my face yet.

(Huh? Oh! Um, sorry. I was distracted. Yes! Yes!)

No, Asher! If you're going to do me, you better phuck me hard and rough the way I like it!

Holy smokes! I think you better do what she says, Asher!

I'm a new freshman here. Will you Frat Boys card me since I'm a first time drinker?

(Shiiiit! We don't card, but if we did, your fake I.D. will work just fine. Heh! Heh!)

Hey Brown! I heard you liked my rack so I decided to stop by the BSSBB to let you post some shots. You want me to play at the Frat House?

(Matter of fact, I do like your rack a lot, Katy. Yes, I'd like you to play this weekend and I'll let you kiss all the girls you want.)

Most definitely, Brown! I've enjoyed all the attention and that you made me smile with all the compliments.

(I know of two great reasons why you'll always be a center of attention with me, Yasmin.)

Mr. Brown told me all about you, W.B.! Are you as legendary as the girls say at the Frat House?

I think she wants you badly, W.B...and it's Friday night. You know what that means!

I'm Dominican, W.B. How would like some sweet chocolate with a touch of spice, Baby?

Mmmm...You need to take care of that before I do, W.B.! De-fricken-lish!

Tight enough for one, but I can work two into that eventually.

Yeah, Brown. I see you looking at how juicy I look...I bet you wanna know just how juicy I am don't you?

(Why are asking a question you already know the answer to, Gina?!)

Come on, Frat Boys! How long do I have to hold this position?

(As far as I'm concerned, until you take off those clothes and we're done doing what we want to do to you. Those are some phucking nice legs too.)

Wow! I can't believe I'm taking a pic of myself NAKED in the Frat House bathroom.

(You won't be the first and you certainly won't be the last, Gabi!)

Don't think I can't handle you, Asher! I'll rock you like a hurricane, Baby!

Oh my! Somehow, that look is making me believe that!

Oh Brown...I've had a crush on you since college. As you can see, I've grown up and they're natural! You like?

(Oh my sweet stars and stripes. I'm speechless, Angela...Go up to my VIP room right away. I've got the champagne on ice, Baby!)

You wanna hit of this or me, Asher!

(I don't don't know about Asher, but I take mine straight from the nipple.)

Hey Brown, I'm looking to audition for a Frat House dance position. I hope my cleavage will help you decide.

(Nice cleavage? Check! Putting that cleavage in my face would make my decision easier of course.)

Here's your fresh melons, W.B.! Wanna feel them?

(Excuse me, Miss. As the owner of this store, I have to test and touch the produce for texture and firmness before the customers do.)

Happy Hour at the Frat House...

...and that makes me happy since I get to join in on that.

When will the party start? I brought the party favors!

(Nice! NOW the party can start!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

You can't take your eyes off me. Right, Brown?

(With that dress, my eyes aren't the only thing that's going to be on you.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aren't I delicious looking, Brown?

(Huh? mean...You say something? I was distracted!)

Man the torpedos!

Aye, Aye, Cap'n! Any day of the week!

You want to see my girls in their full glory, Sword? Well why didn't you say so...

(Oh my! I know they're going to look nice...)

Here they are, Sword...You like?

(Sweet please us! I can't speak for Sword, but I'll say they meet his seal of approval!)

I'm about to catch a ride in this MILFmobile, Frat Brothers...See you in about three hours!

I left a few extra MILFs on the couch at the Frat House for you guys and beer in the fridge. Enjoy!

I know these are big enough for even you, Tank! Rip my tank top off and have at 'em!

Hey Tank...Can I have the pleasure of ripping her shirt off?

How did she know that's how I like my cherries served? Amazing perception she has!

(Put them right in this glass, please!)

When can I meet your Frat Brothers, Sword? I want to show them how WE party in Puerto Rico!

Yum! Sword, I'm definitely interested in seeing how those Puerto Rican babes do their thang! Let's get out there!

I'm the classy girl you take to the formal events, Asher. You play nice and I'll make our evening a VERY nice night to remember. Mmmm...

Oh my! Asher, we just got your formal wear from the tailor. Show that babe the Frat Brothers clean up real good when we need to!