Sunday, September 28, 2008

I guess I can't go anywhere without running into a topless babe with sweet tits on the beach...

(Phuck sightseeing! My entire vacation will be spent right here!)

I need you to just hold me...I want my first time to be special.

(No problem...Once you feel the piledrive, you'll never forget the experience.)

Wow! All you tall guys around here...I'm going to need more than just high heels.

(I'm sure you're loving it. Few chicks like short guys.)

Come and get this...You know they belong to you, Tiger!

(...and get them I will!)

I almost didn't notice her average face...

...In fact, I'm still not noticing her average face.

Yes, my pom poms are bigger...Let me rub them over your cockadoodledoo!

(I think I'd like that a lot...especially if you oil them down.)

Just like last time, we're a package deal...You want us again?

(Ya damn right...Cum on over to my timeshare condo right now.)

Take my panties off with your teeth, Tank...You know you want to!

Yes, I say you've earned an "A" for that nice rack...

...I'm going to need to suck on them in order to give you extra credit.

I'm about to phuck her brains out...

Her orgasm will wake her up just like last time...

Mmmm...Must be feeding time!

(Hey! I'm hungry too!)

Van ride: $20. Taking a pic with a nice nip slip: Priceless!

There's some special hot chick moments money can't buy...for those moments, there's Brown's Supersexy Babeblog.

I may be drunk, but not too drunk to deny you a taste of this sweet caramel ass!

(Well, Alllllrighty then! Let's get down to business shall we?)

She seems nervous because she's never seen one this big before...

...but she seems open to seeing what it feels like. When she starts gasping and hollering, you'll know she's had a taste.

I really thank you for letting me freshen up in your time share, Mr. Brown. How can I repay you for your generosity?

(Looks like the view right now is half the battle...)

Come lick these vanilla snow cones, Ryan...I need to feel some tongue!

Wowzer! Those really are nice, Ryan...Hand them over if you don't take them.

Glaze me, Brown...Glaze me good!

(Not only that, I'll dip you in chocolate and then I'll glaze you!)

Alright..Now stick your tongue, Chrissy and you kiss it, Kayley...

(Oh, that's very nice...Sweet!)

I can tell you right now I'm going to lose this air hockey game...

...I won't be able to keep my eyes off those sweet juggs. How can you watch a goal with those around?

Give it to me long and strong, Brown...Just like I love it.

(That I will, Sweet Thang...This is a doggie style mission.)

Aww Brown...I didn't think you'd like me because of my thick eyebrows.

(Oh Baby! I like you for YOU...I'm not that superficial.)
Yeah...I know that not a single one of you are buying into what I said to her...Heh!

Who wouldn't want to get a piece of that?

I'd be on it daily and thrice on weekends.

I often wondered how how a tall guy like me would work with a 5 foot something girl like Erica... answer to that is who cares? I'd do her regardless!

I can't get enough of Kayla...

...and neither can you!

Tank, I been waiting to give myself to you...Don't make me wait too long.

Tank, if you need a hand with her, just let me know. Heh!

Just because I love to phuck, that doesn't make me a "ho" does it?

(Of course not! If that was true, then all men would be considered a "ho". Let's leave here and go to my place, so I can let you endulge your pleasures.) Heh!

Show me some titty, Paola!

(Ah yes...Thank you very much!)

Hello, Ladies...As part of your initiation, I'm going to have to order you to get naked near the tree outside...

Let's see if they fall for this.

Nice...Thank you for your cooperation. Stand by for the hosedown.

I can't believe these freshmen fall for this every year. As you can see, the babe at the far right was kind enough to show a little areola. I wonder if I need to visit the campus so she can let me see more? Heh! Heh! Heh!

So you thought that Asian chicks were boney, Brown? Do you still think that so? This is ALL natural, Baby!

(I see...Looks like this call for a taste test! I love Asian food.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bikini Babes, Booze, Boats and Brown... cannot separate any from the other.

This is a great party, Brown...Thanks for having me over.

(No problem. You can really show your appreciation at the after party.)

Thanks for the beers, Ryan. These microbrews are smooth. I'll reward you for your generosity later. Is a threesome with my flat chested friend okay?

She looks like she needs some cream to keep those babies soft and smooth...

...and I'm just the one to give it to her.

Brown's Backyard Hosedowns...

...they are wayyy better than your average backyard barbeque!

Ryan, I know you're not a booty man, but can you really resist all THIS?

(OMG! Ryan, if you don't tap that doggie style, I'll be more than happy to take your place!)

Hee Hee! That is so funny! Do that tongue thing again!

(Baby, I can move my tongue about better than Gene Simmons!)

I don't know what it is about girl-on-girl action that I like so much...

...but it always gets me hard!

Ha! Ha! Your tongue tickles, Brown!

(I had no idea you were so ticklish...I'll slow it down a little.)

More delicious caramel delight...May I wash your back, Jasmine?

...I'm so glad she stopped by my house to freshen up. We're going to paint the town tonight.

Get on in my ride...I can't believe you had to resort to being topless to get my attention to stop...

...but for me, it works every time!

Ahhhh! You're home early! It's not what you think, Honey...Mr. Brown was just giving me therapy to improve our sex life...Honest!

Oops! I guess she got caught performing for me on the webcam...

A pose like that will get you an almost automatic anal phuck...

...keep up the good work!

Now that is what you call a classic centerfold beauty...

...and that's with all natural ingredients.

You going to join me upstairs or what?

(Holy smokes! Judging by the tent in my pants, I guess we know the answer to that question!)

This babe really knows how to round things out...

I admire such precision.

Heads or tails...Either way it's a winner!

Double chocolate delight!

This is always my favorite exhibit whenever I visit the aquarium...

(I never get tired of this one!)

Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire...My love is blind, can't you see my desire?

(Yeah, Sugar...That's the way love goes...)

Hey Honey. Thanks for waiting around while I shop...You are so patient, unlike other guys.

(I think your smoking hotness has a whole lot to do with my willingness to wait around.) Heh!