Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet Mother of Pearl! Those are spectacular! The one who sucks on those will have truly reached the promised land of MILK and HONEY!

...because I'm sure that's exactly what they taste like!

Magnificent Mocha Masterpiece!

Luscious lips, sweet hips & tentalizing tits!

Now this is what I call a taste of honey!

When I'm done, I'm going to tear it up with some serious skin slapping! Ohhhh yeahh!

Wow! Glorious Globes of Greatness!

I wish I were the water drops splashing on those nice bigguns!

Taste me, Brown...You asked for some, so GET IT!

(I have every intention to get it!)

Gallery of Greatness!

Which do I suck on first? Oh!!!!...I don't KNOW!

Amanda and her Amazing Friends!

I love the babe in the middle too...Yum!

Winner! Best in Show Beauty Hall of Fame!

Yum Fricken Yum!

Come get your taste, Honey...

(Oh thank you...that looks very appetizing!)

The Incredible Iga!

The mold in which perfect bodies are built!

Winner! Lusciously Lovely Areolas Hall of Fame!

I need both hands and my full mouth to handle those. Mmmm!


Those are ones that you must taste for the full essence of sensual delight.

*Sigh* Here I am just waiting for someone to caress and lick on these...I can wait any longer for Johnny to get out of jail...I'm ready to phuck!

(Good! Since your boyfriend is "pre-occupied," we can get to work.)

Some of the best phucking I had came from redheads...Damn do they love to phuck!

I love the strawberry titties too!

Nice patch...So natural and curly.

I bet she feels soft inside and out!

So good she had to adjust her glasses...

...even librarians love to be dipped in chocolate too!

I think they just bumped into each other at the every sense of the word!

Vivacious and Voluptuous Paola!

Mouth Watering Mocha Magnificence!

If more of this was happening at the game, it would certainly make it a hell of a lot more interesting to say the least...

Now that's what I'm talking about...We could end most wars if there were more of this going on...

Rock on, Bro...ROCK ON!

Oh really? Well, take a gander at THESE!

HOLY SMOKES!! Give ALL of my beads dammit! Shiiiiit!

Erica, I love you!

The stuff of perfection!

Oh yeah? Well you tell Brown when I get there, I'm going to fuck his brains out! I'm already naked in the van now! He's gonna LOVE this sweet pussy!

Don't we all wish most chicks just said it straight like that?

You need to relax after a hard day's work, Brown...You got a hard day's dick for me?

(You damn right I do...and I'm going to give it to you right on that hammock!)

Throw me on the couch...I dare ya!

(Allllrighty then...What you want is what you're going to get...especially on a dare!)

MILF with some remarkably mouth watering areolas!

What a marvelous MILF snack!

If she removes her hands from those sweet orbs, I think I'm going to pass out.

They look sooo scrumptous!

I've got dibs on the middle...

By the time this party is finished, I will have her take those glasses off and let her run loose around the house...

...butt naked!

I hope you like long hair, Handsome. I like it brushed and my titties sucked.

That request would give me great pleasure. Thanks!

Sexy ass blonde with an amazing rack.

100% pure suckability!

Oh my! In the right setting, wrestling with this girl would be sooo freakin' hot!

My head between those please!

This is a far more productive use of "tagging."

It's better for the community too.

The party chick on the left is looking like a first time drinker...Very fun to bring under my spell.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Which floor do you wanna do me on?

(For a babe as fine as you, ANY floor will do!)

OMG! I think I'm just going to have to crash that wedding and steal the bride away!

That's going to be one hell of a honeymoon!

This is just a preview of things to come, Brown...

(If that's the case, may I see the double feature?)

Wow! I almost over looked that engaging smile...

...and you know why!

Oh!! I'm so nervous about this...I don't know...Phuck it! We might as well just pop them out at random, Stacy!

Damn, they have some sweet looking areolas! Yowza!

...And the award for "Best Set of Juggs" goes to...Lucy!!!!

Now that is a well deserved honor!

I know those guys are looking at me...I had know idea attracting guys would be this easy.

Showing a little cleavage is ALL it takes to attract us.

As you can see, she has a very nice "net worth."

I'd love to "tap into it" myself...

Wanna taste my sweet cherry?

(Mmmm...You are such a naughty girl. Go to my room!)

That's why I love the beach...It's the VIEW!

...and what a very nice view it is...the ocean's nice too.

The very lovely and luscious Lucy...

This centerfold is the duchess of divine damsels!

Alright, Ladies...Bend down and let's see them.

(Oh, that's very lovely, Ladies...Keep up the good work!)

This babe is dedicating herself to all you "trekkies" and old school comic collectors at this weekend's ComicCon - San Diego.

I wish I was there too...especially for her!

This is a babe that needs and loves cuddling...

With a rack like that, I love to cuddle too!

Ahhh! The babe on the right is one of the very reason I like brunettes...

...especially when they are irresistably busty!

We thought this was Jerry's pool, Brown...We didn't know you lived here.

(Jerry's next door...but you're welcome to swim here naked if you like...I'm sure he won't mind. Just let me get the liqour.) Heh! Heh! Heh!