Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's no way in hell I'd leave that girl alone looking that damn fine...

I'm coming over with her drinks right now.

I want you to put yours right here, Ryan...

(You're a lucky dog, Ryan! If you can't make it, I'll be happy to fill that spot for you.)

OMG, Brown! If you don't phuck me now, I'm going to go crazy!

(Not a problem...The only time I want you crazy is while you're jumping my bones, Baby!)

She looks soft and juicy...

...I think she'd bounce on me real good.

The legendary Erica...

(If there is a more perfect body, it should be bronzed.)

Oh! The water is so fine, Brown! Join me, please...naked!

(That I will, Nikki....The water is not the only thing that fine. Mmmm!)

Are these big enough for your intense appetite, Ryan?

Vintage centerfolds rock! All natural ingredients, no silicone. Yum yum!

If you let me in your club, I'll let you get a taste of this, Brown.

(Oh! That kind of gesture will actually get you into the VIP room. Proceed, Sweet thang.)

I'm sure you're not staring at just my colorful socks, Brown.

(That is very perceptive of you, Yummy girl!)

My tongue, her titties....

That's truly an unbeatable match! Mmmm!

Mmmm....My hats off to the folks who take great candid shots. This one is sweet!

Mmmm Mmmm!

Mr. Brown, I'm part of tonight's amenities to help you wind down after your long day of meetings. Would like me to come back later?

(Hell naw! I want you to cum right now...over and over again.)

OMG! I know if she good with her tongue on her titties, I can just imagine how good she'd be with me...Mmmm!

Women that are good with their tongues can rule the world.

You going to join us in here or what, Brown?

(Damn right I will! I'm running up there now...Yowza!)

You want me to me to do WHAT with these in your face?

(You heard me...Pound those babies in my face like a boxing match. Ohhh yeahhh!)

Mr. Brown, welcome to Brazil. I am your escort for your entire Brazilian tour!

(Oh my stars and stripes! If I had known that, I would've made a trip down here years ago. Yum fricken yum!)

Ready to have that slumber party with me, Brown?

(Hell yeah...and we're going to wrestle too. I must warn you...I am not responsible for my arousal during the wrestling activity.)

If showing my tits was all I needed to do to get a ride on your bike I would've done it weeks ago.

(Hell, I would've asked you to do it weeks ago if I knew you were down with such a request. Damn you have some sweet ass tits!)

Ha! Ha! Ha! You keep laughing me right out of my clothes, Brown...How do you do it?

(If I told you, you'd bust out laughing some more and you'd be naked all the time.)

Holly, this is the Sheriff! We have to the place surrounded. Come out with your hands up! Please!

(If you do that, we'll instantly drop all charges.)

This is my first time, Brown...Are you sure this is okay?

(Of course, Baby...Don't be afraid.)

I'm trying to relax, Brown...I'm just so nervous. Is it going to hurt?

(Your first time always hurts a little...I'll take it slow by tasting you first. How's that?)

Well, if you're going to taste me first...I'll give you a visual taste.

(Mmmm...I like that. You have a very lovely body, Melissa.)

I am so scared, Brown...I can't smile because I'm trembling. gentle.

(Girl, I will...I am just so hard right now. I'll take whatever time you need while I kiss, caress and touch you before we do it. I promise it'll be so good...after the first stroke.)

She looks like loves to phuck...Just add alcohol and wind her up...

...which is what I want to do with her right now.

This is the very reason why I love visit the airport from an elevated view...On any given day I'm exposed to seeing hot cleavage shots. Mmmm!

Janice, I want Brown and you take Ryan...Those guys are a bunch of hunks!

Two soon to be satisfied playmates!

Now we got her half naked....I think if chicks always get naked when they get a new camera, I know what my next gift to these hot chicks will be.

Luscious cleavage...Me likey likey!

Mmmm...Strawberry is delctable. I love the freckles too. They look kind of hot.

That body looks as sweet as a vanilla/strawberry sundae. Mmmm!

I think they might possibly like each other...

I see that look on your face, Brown...You're falling for me, aren't you?

(Shiiiit! Did that a loooong time ago.)

Hi, Brown! I'm actually YOUR fan!

(I know, Scarlett...You get a backstage pass to my personal suite. Just don't tell Ryan.)

I'm glad you're here, Brown...You've been watching for so long, I might as well give you a close up. You like?

(Damn right I like...This must be a sweet dream.)

Mmm...I hear she's a belly dancer. Now THAT'S a show I'd love to watch...

I'd also love to see how well those belly dancers can phuck. I bet it's good!

Brown, I just came by to tell you that I'm ready to phuck now and I want to get naked with you.

(Yeah right...You got scared the last time when you saw how long my cockadoodledoo was. How are you going to convince me this time?)

Will THIS convince you that I'm serious about getting naked with you?

(Daaaaaaamn! I'm fully convinced now. Those are some lovely tits...all that's left is to lay your sweet ass down!)

You better bang me like a hungry beast, Brown...I want it just like that.

(You've got me hungry like the wolf, Baby...and you'll get it hardcore!)

Amanda and her amazing friends...

This is a nice phuckfest waiting to happen. Yum!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow! I had no idea this was a camera...This is so interesting and I'm so hot!

Hmmm...I wonder what else I can do with this camera? Hmmm.

I know! I'll just take off my top, show my tits and my friends will be amazed...This a great plan and I thought it up all by myself.

Well...that is a clever idea and she does have a really nice rack. Heh!

I love Kim's body overall, but that sweet ass has made me give second look...Reggie had better take good care of her. If not, I'll be waiting!

That's a free ticket on the Doggie Style Luxury Line.

Yummy Girl in red dyed hair...She is as fiery and hot as her hair. Nice!

I've got dibs on the babe in the second row to the far left...(Sorry Tank.)

Kiss me, Brown...I'm sitting in your favorite seat again with your favorite tight t-shirt on...

(Thank you, Baby...Get out of my dreams and on to my cockadoodledoo!)

Where the hell did I put my contact lens? I can't see a thing without them.

(Maybe you can't see, but I can see just fine...Mmmm Mmmm!)

Oh my stars and stripes! Hubba fricken hubba! This is the reason why I love brunettes so much...

...and that cleavage is phuckin' slammin'!

I see you have horns and I'm feeling a little ...horny!

(I can put a nice "horn" right between your cleavage if you like.)