Thursday, February 24, 2011

Titties are an important part of your well balanced diet, can get all you need from ME!

(I have every intention to do so, Baby! I need my nutrition.)

Fluff my pillows, Brown...

(Do you even have to ask?)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I knew you were a fan of big areolas, Brown. You're going to enjoy these the moment they hit your tongue.

(I haven't even tasted them yet and I'm enjoying them, Marcie. Yowza!)

I'll be your goth bumblebee, Sword!

(Nice! I'm sure The Swordsman has a nice stinger to insert in you too!)

Ready to phuck...

...just add c*ckadoodledoo!

I see your mouth watering, Brown! Would you lick these like an ice cream cone?

(Phuck yeah! I'm a regular Baskin Phuckin' Robbins! You can be my Dairy Queen because I'm going to dip your sweet ass in chocolate.)

It would probably be wrong to take advantage of her while she's sleep, right?

Nope! She's in the Frat House...we check the rules at the door!

There's that book! Did Asher hide that book from me so I have to reach for it again? He plays too much!

(Well...I'm sure he had two really good reasons for doing it, Natalie.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Why are you looking at me like that, Brown? Are you picturing me naked?

(Always...In fact, I'll see you naked at the Frat House party tonight.)

Actually, my girls are sweeter than cotton candy, Sword. For real!

This calls for a taste test, Sword. What do you say?

Hey Asher...I'm in position. Can I climb on you and ride you like a cowgirl?

(Oh my. Now that's a very sweet offer for the holiday weekend.)

I'm only in town one more day, Brown...

....want some more?

(By the time you said "I'm" I was already naked, Audra!)

Love your local librarian!

I love to lick her for example.

The Cleavage Fest may have ended, but not the sweet view of titties...

...the view from down here can attest to that!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

We're ready to take you Frat Boys ON, Brown!
(Be careful what you wish for, Ladies...because you're also wishing to be very sore in the morning.)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Bumper to bumper! Niiiice!

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Which treat would you like to have a taste of first, Brown?

(You should know by the now the treats I want are in your dress, Carla.)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Costumed babes are always a delight!

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

I'm going to be straight up, Brown. You are going to suck on these tonight. I'll have no debate about it.

(You won't get a debate either because my mouth will be full.)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Wanna share with me, Swordie?

(Can I join in for a share too?)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

I told you we MILFs can hang with the younger babes, Brown!

(To my delight, Samantha!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Heyyyy! You wanna wrestle with us?

(You bet I do, Ladies. Yum!!)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

(Hey! Can I put my hand in there too?)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Hi Asher! We're your buffet. Which one of us would you like to sample first?

(I don't know about Asher, but I'd take you, number three from the left.)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

If you're going to stare, you should at least invite us to the Frat House this Friday!
(Heck, you can come out tomorrow!)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Hey Frat Boys! We're ready to party!! Wooo!!!

(You sure will be partying too...especially after a few of my infamous drinks.)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Are these juicy enough for you, Brown?

(Sure they are, Stephanie. They must be motorboat tested though.)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

All yours, Brown! Motorboat time!
Motorboat time is right on time!

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

This is a great frat party, Asher! Is it my cleavage that won you over?

(I would say that is the case)

Cleavage Fest Part 9!

Hey Swordie, was it my big twins that got us on your party boat?

Why is she asking the obvious?