Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have your double scoops here as you requested, Mr. Brown. Now get to licking!

(That I will because we all scream for double scoops!)

I love it when the ladies get drunk and soaked at my club...

...that way you may even see some of them kiss.

Delightful reflection...

...I'd like her to give me a closer look.

Monday, April 26, 2010


...that's all I need to say.

We're having a great time, W.B. May we party at the Frat House with you?

With a lovely rack like that, I'd be ready to take them there NOW!

I'm having a blast, Sword! Look at this big reptile!

Yum! She looks like a delight to party with.

Thank you for recognizing me as the Duchess of MILFs, Brown. As my first act, you shall accompany me into my royal chambers as my Duke!

(You better believe it, Duchess Stephanie!)

I'm a big fan of yours, Asher. I'd like to show you just how much. May I?

Uh...There's only ONE right answer to that, Asher!

All hail Hailie!

Long may she reign! Delish!

I'm a little shy, Swordsman. I've never done this before.

(Once you get out to his boat for a few drinks, all inhibitions will be long forgotten, Natalie.)

Hmmm...What should I do to make you holla, Asher?

(With oral fetish you have, I can think of a lot of ways you can do that for me, Sasha!)

I see you drooling there, Brown. COme get some of this nice and slow.

(That I will, Baby...I give the VIP to voluptuous delights.)

Okay, Asher. I'm going to send you this pic, but don't be spreading it around the Internet okay?

She should know it's impossible not to give our hot MILFs the exposure they deserve and she's no different. Yum yum!

THESE bid you welcome, W.B. May I have that motorboat please?

She's welcome to have more than that if she gets the rest of those clothes off.

Hey, Brown! I brought some of my girlfriends with me because you Frat Boys love to party. Is that okay?

(You should know we never turn down party girls, Southern Brooke. They are our special guests at the Frat House. In fact, I have specialty mixed drinks just for them.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Before she met the Frat Brothers...and after she met the Frat Brothers!

Don't you just live the influence we have on the babes?

That's right! In the Frat House, there is only one thing that is mandatory...and she already knows the drill.

(Take it off slow, Svetlana.)

I might as well give those Frat Boys a peace sign. I know they're looking down my shirt.

Wow...This gal is sharp and knows our claim to fame.

I need a spanking, Brown! Do NOT deny me!

(Not a chance, Kayla. It's going to make you smile just as much as it will me.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoy! Why bother telling you where my eyes are, Asher?

(That's true...The same goes for all of us when it comes to those sweet juggs!)

I heard you like redheads with freckles, Brown. You like?

(You damn right I do, Baby. Please proceed in letting me get a full view of your strawberry delight!)

I'm on my first weekend out at college...How do I look?

(You look like you're ready to party...With those credentials, your drinks are on the house at my club tonight.)

Since you're too afraid to ride with me, don't ask to ride you later, Jimmy...I'm going to the Frat House!

(You damn right you're coming to the Frat House, especially like that!)

Okay, I'm a little I going to regret this later on?

(Trust me...You won't regret it.) Heh! Heh!

What do you think I'm here for, W.B.? I'm here to PHUCK!

Talk about a girl after a Frat Brother's heart!

I TRULY have the milkshakes that bring the boys to the yard, not like that flat chested chick.

(You got that right, Ms. Nova!)

Hmmm...I wonder if Tank's home so I can see if his tongue feels as good as I heard?

(My tongue is the stuff of legend too, Baby. Wanna give it a go?)

Don't you dare pass me by and not tap my sweet kitty kat, Asher!

No way in the world Asher would miss all THAT sweetness!

Oh yeahhh! I am sooo ready for naked wrestling, Brown!

(Oh yeahhh! So am I, Baby! I have a lot of positions in which I intend to "pin" you real good.))

I washed all of your boats, Senor Swordsman...Give me my big long reward as promised!

You mean to tell me she washed all six boats? You realize how BIG those boats are? Wow! The things these girls do for c*ck.

Hell yeah I want you to manhandle me, Brown! Can I tackle you too?

(You should know by now you never have to ask about getting physical with me. Ever!)

Good news, Frat Boys! I just tranferred to this university. Now you can phuck me all week long instead of weekends.

(That's going to be the best decision you've ever made, Mindy. That's why we love you!)

Oh Ryan! I just wanted to show you how much I missed you and I'm trying to reconnect with you after all these years.

Now that's what I'm talking about when babes want to a very literal sense.

Do you really think Brown is gonna jump out of the bushes and grab me? That's phucking hot!

She ALREADY knows the answer to that question.

I'll say that body has passed Frat House standards... it's time for a FULL inspection.

Bring that beard over here, Brown! Tickle my cleavage.

(Not a problem. That's not all that's going to be tickled tonight.)

Greetings, Senor Swordsman! Are these the one you wanted me to wear so you could take them off with your teeth?

Hmmm...small and see through. I think she's got the right idea.

Mmmmwahhh! I'm getting on top, W.B. You cool wit' that, Papi?

OMG! She'd have no argument with me. She can do whatever she wants.

Wow, Asher! I want to learn everything. You wanna be my professor?

I think multiple classes with multiple professors are in order for this eager student. Heh!

Vintage design is always about quality and authenticity...

...and she has them both in abundance.

As soon as I finish these beers, it's on, Brown! Thanks for giving me my first drinks!

(You're welcome. Giving you your first drinks is a very small price to pay to get my first taste of those.)

MILFs...For your pleasure.

I phucking LOVE them!

Hose me down, Brown!

(That'll be my pleasure, Carrie.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

All I can say...OH PHUCK!


You wanna put some more oil on me, Senor W.B.?

(Can I help? I don't think you spread the oil out enough in the middle.)

I told you I could reach the other side of my face...I'm brunette, Guys!

That's why I love brunettes...they never fall for our tricks.

Alright, Asher! Where did you put my bra?!!

(Actually, that is all the bra you need at the Frat House, Mindy.)

I don't know much except that I love you, Swordsman!

That's all ANY hot babe needs to know.

Real or Memorex?

One thing's for that fishnet tank top, she gets the benefit of the doubt.