Sunday, April 22, 2012

I wonder if I should take this off for Brown's approval or not?

I'd say they meet my approval very much.

Really, Brown? Are you going to do me or are you just messing with me?

(I'm certainly not messing with you. I'm doing you for real)

Get Naked? Sure, Brown. That's all you ever have to ask.

Damn my life is good.

Aren't you ready for a break, Brown? I have one for ya.

(Oh my. Indeed I do need a break...)

Hey Brown. It is so nice to come by to see you and the Frat Boys. It's been a while.

(Yes it has. It's always pure pleasure to see you, Erica.)

Take me in the threshhold and take me to your room, Brown!

(Uh...okay, Baby. Will do!)

Hi Brown. I thought you'd like a tropical theme...

(Mmmm. Yes I do...those are some really nice coconuts.)

Are you surpised that I do not like to feel restricted, Brown?

(Huh? Uh...I...uh...what did you say again?)

Mmmm...there are two fruit trees there but only one I want to partake of.

You know you need to suck on these, Brown

(Indeed I do!)

Just a drink and this top easily comes off, Mr. Brown.

(Jimmy, can you please give this girl a drink without delay?)

My handbra is really intense isn't it?

(Oh yeah...sweetly intense)

Not bad for enhancements, huh, Brown?

(Not bad at all)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You want me, Brown?

(Girl, that's a given.)