Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Give it to me, Brown!

(That I will, Baby! Tonight!)

Oh come on, Brown! What is the real reason you're taking a pic of me? You don't take pics of the other classmates...

(Oh I have a couple of reasons why and I think you know too.)

The next time she does that, I'm putting someone IN the knight's armor!

After all, how many chicks can say they've been phucked by a bonafide knight?

Sure, Brown...Enjoy my cleavage.

Don't you wish all busty babes would say that?

*Sigh* I only think about sunshine and butterflies...

(When I see you, I only think about two things...)

We've come to the Frat House for those drinks, Brown! We're first time drinkers so please, be gentle...

("Gentle" plays out in only certain scenarios, so we'll play it by ear, Ladies.)

There! You got your downblouse, Asher! Can we get our free drinks now please?

I say we hook them up, Asher. Tell her for a wet t-shirt or topless, this can turn into Ladies Night.

She's so nicely dressed for Brown's Backyard Hosedown... is so good!

Get over here, Brown. You know you want these pressed up against you!

(Yes, Ma'am. I DO! But that's not all...)

How do you like my pirate costume, Swordsman?

(I don't know about Sword, but my third "leg" is hard like wood.)

I'm not a fan of tats on tits, but her cleavage is good enough to make an exception.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now those are titties I dream about sucking on every night...

Yum phucking yum!

Yes deserve to see more of these, Brown. You're always so sweet to me.

(That's what my tongue says to those.)

I already knew exotic flava was your weakness, Brown. I love how easy it is for me to seduce you.

(You're right. You seduced me at the knock on the door and I have NO problem with it.)

Cheerleaders don't just dance around and cheer all the time. We love to do...other things too!

I wonder what other things she's referencing to? Heh! Heh!

I've got juicy lips and juicy juggs...What's not to like?

(You got that right. I need a taste of both!)

Two things that make me happy: Busty Babes and Beer!

When they are together, it is going to be an amazing night! Cheers!

I just know Asher is going to run over and grab my clothes. He plays too much!

(That's because Asher is racing me to get to do it. Heh!)

After last night, I'm yours always, Mr. Swordy!

(Yeah, Sweet thang...We Frat Brothers get that a lot...)

I love it when a few sips of my drinks get them toasted early. I love being their designated driver...

...Destination: The Frat House!

There's a lot I can do with this, Brown.

(Oh really, Ashley? I have some ideas myself.) Heh!

This classic MILF does not not have much of a face, but with juggs like that, she's at least worth an honorable mention...

...besides, I usually suck on titties with my eyes closed anyway.

Hey guys. I'm trying to be incognito with these shades...Is it working?

(Nope...There's always that one trait I'll recognize you by even if you wore a million masks.)

Yeah, Baby! I'm freakier than my hair color.

(That you are and I want more of that this weekend at the Frat House.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'll get naked for you anytime, anyday, Asher...but only if you do me like a wild man!

Yowza! I would do her like a wild man too!

Hey Brown! I know blue is one of your favorite colors so I wore it today. You like?

(You know it, Audra. You look good in everything you wear or don't wear.) Heh!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hey Swordy! We look forward to the party tonight!

Oh, so it's "Swordy" now?

I actually daydream all the time about doing a Frat Boy in the great outdoors!

(Very nice...we can do it anywhere and everywhere!)

I just LOVE the beach!

...and you know why!

Get over here, you beautiful man! I just want to kiss you, Brown.

(Nice. You are a fabulous kisser too...and I love to kiss!)

Get your tongue out, Asher. You're not leaving here until I get my licks!

Mmmm...I think you should the lady what she craves, Asher!

From now on, I am declaring myself a Frat House party girl! Is that okay, Guys?

(Uh..Hell yeah! To make it official, we shall sprinkle you with the Frat House love potions.)


We're having a great time, Brown! I knew college was fun, but your club is insane!

(If you think my club is off the chain, a night at the Frat House is even better! Come to the after party tonight, Ladies!)

I can blow more than just bubbles, Swordsman!

Ahh...I love a woman with diverse skills.

OMG! Your drinks are a monster, Brown! I'm so tipsy, I want to look like this while you're loving me naked from behind.

(This is Friday night at the Frat House,'ll be doing a lot of those faces tonight.) Heh! Heh!

You know where your face is supposed to be. Happy Friday. Brown!

(Yes, Ma'am... and it's time to celebrate!)

Party girls visiting my club from Brazil....

...I'm going to have on heck of a night in the VIP suite!

iI knew I'd have no problem getting your attention with this pose...

Hee! Hee! One sip and I'm already buzzed! Your drinks are STRONG, Brown!

(Of course they are, Sugar. Also, your...credentials have earned you an invite to my VIP suite.)

I love getting them so drunk that a stranger can ask to suck on their titties and they let them...

...I just made that fella's night.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Was that Spanish Fly you put in my drink, Asher? I can get naked fast enough!

(Sorry, Sugar. The Frat House never reveals its secret formula for "seductive supplements".)

You can have me any way you like, Frat Boys. Shall we begin?

(Gosh yes!)

You want some of this too? Come here...

(*sigh* I love threesomes!)

This is a nice photo shoot room, Brown. Do you take all of your dates here after dinner?

(Heh! How did you guess? It's okay, Baby. "Trust me." This is actually dessert.)

Hmmm..I hope this costume gets everyone thinking about the holiday season in the months to come.

(Oh most definitely...There's a couple of nice things that come to mind for me already.)

Well? Don't just stand there drooling! Get over here and suck on them!

(I wasn't drooling. My mouth was watering excessively. Time to get to work!)

Chase me down the end of this boardwalk and catch me, you might just get some. I must warn you though-- I'm pretty fast!

(No way in the world that sweet ass is going to get away from me, especially with my long legs.) Heh! Heh!

All this cleavage and I don't know what to do with it! Help me, Asher!

(Help is on the way with lights and sirens...and I'm Asher's backup!)

This is a very nice club, Brown. I'm so pleased to meet you finally. You want to get me one of your drinks and take advantage of me later?

(Oh my! You're a woman after my own heart.)