Friday, May 28, 2010

I guess that's what the chicks look like after several drinks...

...but I still the cleavage quite clearly.

Hey, Sword! Hey W.B.! Can we come to the Frat House after this game?

Girls next door are always welcome at the Frat House!

Now that's a motorboat waiting to happen!

Look, Frat Boys. I have the looks and the dancer's body. I'd like to be a Frat House dancer please!

(Mmmm...You're definitely fine enough for an audition!)

Yeah, W.B....I know my rack is just as nice as your woman's. You wanna see?

(Uh...I do!!!!)

Oh my! Nice party favors! NOW the party can begin!

With these, you know I'm a walking pool party, Asher!

(You bet you are. Those are bigger than a set of volleyballs.)

I love it out here, Mr. Swordsman! What a lovely day this is!

(With Sword around, you haven't begun to feel what the rest of the day is going be like, but I'm sure you'll like it a lot.) Heh!

My! She looks juicy sleeping on the Frat House sofa...I guess she's a lightweight when it comes to my drinks after all.

I want you to squeeze them, caress them and suck on them like a couple of honeydews. Can you handle that, Brown?

(Girl, you ought to know better than to ask that question. I guess you'll need to be taught a lesson.) Heh! Heh!

If you think my bra is distracting, why don't you rip it off me, Asher?

That is a very nice open invitation

These are babes I take to special ceremonies like Black Tie events...

...because she has a smile that can light up a room!

I love when I get a chance to catch a candid shot of juicy chicks...

...and she is juicier than the Jamba Juice I was drinking.

Face average, but I'd drink beer from that cleavage...

...and so would you.

Thank you for posting my pic, Brown. This is better than a birthday present.

(It gets better, Carrie...Your birthday present's at the Frat House. Come get it tonight.)

I'll be at the college near your Frat House, Brown! Are you guys going to show me the ropes of college life?

(You better believe it, Stacy. You'll learn more with us in a weekend than you will all year.) Heh! Heh!

Oooh! Really, Asher? We've never been to an orgy before. That sounds interesting! What time should we be at the Frat House?

This is why we love small town college freshmen girls!

Oh Brown! Can you help me reach for the book up there? It's so high up.

(Sure, Baby...but climb up there so I can see for sure it's too high. As you come down, I'll catch you...with my face!)

Hi Brown! Love your club! I heard you have a special for freshmen and first time drinkers...Well, we're BOTH!

(Nice! Well ladies, drinks are on the house, but if you want my SPECIALTY mixed drinks, we serve those exclusively at the Frat House...and those are for only when you ladies are really ready to party.)

Ah ah, W.B.! The rest of this comes off with your teeth!

(Shiiit! That phucking works for me.)
W.B., looks like you've got some work to do with those teeth.

Oh yeah...I may have won the Miss USA pageant, but getting on the BSSBB is the REAL win!

(You got that right, Sweetheart...and you have an all exclusive pass to the Frat House to do that notorious pole dance you're known for!)

Hell to the YEAH! You brought some Jack too? Oh yeah. You're damn near close to perfect!

A chick that brings a nice rack AND liquor is ALWAYS near perfection at the Frat House!

Hi Sword. I heard you love lingerie so I hope this works for you...

(If doesn't for him, it certainly works for me, Tatyana!)

Frat Boys, that was sooo phucking good. I'm here for another helping. In fact, why don't we all make this a WEEKEND of phucking

Uh...Does she realize it's holiday weekend? She is going to be sore!

I heard it was Asher's birthday coming up...Brown sent me as a gift. Did he get the days mixed up?

Even if it isn't his birthday, Asher will lie, lie, lie! Heh! Heh!

Now that what I call the catch of the day!

Those are the only beauties I like to catch in my fishnets!

If there was a woman I'd have five kids with, you're looking at her right there.

I phucking LOVE Selma!

Hey, Asher! We're normally not allowed to have guys in our bedrooms at the Sorority House, but we'll keep this between us, right?

Trusting Asher with that kind of secret is the first of her many mistakes.

Come on! Don't I LOOK like a party girl? I'm even showing you some cleavage to prove my point.

(Your point comes across loud and clear for the most part, but I'm still not certain...Come to the Frat House party tonight and maybe I'll be fully convinced.) Heh! Heh!

Mmmm...You know you wanna motorboat me. Do it!

(Hold that pose, Emma. I'm on my way!)

Plumpers need love too...

...and as long as they're busty plump, they meet my criteria for titty phucking.

I'll take you on Asher, I don't care how large you are.

Hmmm...Sounds like a nice wager to me. Looks like she needs to get on top of that challenge. Heh!

Fresh import from Hawaii for W.B...

...because W.B. likes his coconuts shipped directly from the islands.

Here's my pic. Would this qualify me to be one of your Frat House dancers? Please?! Please?!!!

(Well, since you are kind of hot and a nice smile, I think we can let you make the cut.)

Ha! Ha! You're a naughty man standing over me like that, Brown. What are you thinking about?

(You already know the answer to that question...Did you just want to hear me say, Baby?)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey Jenna...Is this what it means to be a BFF?

If that's the case, I'd like to get some of that on video

Juicy babes like the one in punk like to be squeezed...

...and I'm just the one to squeeze some of that juicyness.

Hey, Swordsman! I'm so glad to see you again. You gonna take me for another ride? In your boat will also be nice.

Mmmm....She needs a nice hose down to get the sand off too. :)

You know how I am...I'm going to get my freak on with one of your Frat Boys tonight...Which of you will it be?

(Carrie, actually the Frat House rules calls for a package deal for ladies who want to get their freak on in this house. You think you can handle that?)

I dunno, Brown...We're lightweights and you might get us naked if we got all tipsy (not that there is anything wrong with that).

(Aw come on, Ladies! It's just one drink...What's the worst that can happen?) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Okay, Asher...Will you call me in the morning if we do this?

I can just hear Asher saying "Yeah, sure Baby." She'll be waiting a long time for that call.

Uh...I'm new to this, Guys. Will you be gentle?

(Of course, Laurie. "Trust us", you won't regret it.) Heh! Heh!

If fingering is what you like, I'll be happy to do so, Baby...

(...I'll even use my middle finger. Heh!)

Layla, Sweet Layla...Got me on my knees....

...and I ain't too proud to beg for a taste of that.

It looks to me like you want to taste these, Asher. Am I right?

(Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Of course he does!)

Wooooo!!! Keep those drinks comin', Brown! We actually got past your first drink! Woooo!

(Well done, Ladies! Very few party girls get past the first!)

Hey W.B...You have TWO hands. Use them!

That is, unless you want me to give you a hand with those. Heh!

I'm not that innocent, Brown. I'll make you can make you holla. Get over here!

(Yes, Ma'am! With that phucktabulous body, anything you say.) Heh!

Hey Brown. Welcome to my home. I've been waiting for you and as you can see, I have treats for you.

(Yes you do, Sweetheart. They are my favorite.)

I'm ready for you this time. Swordsman. This time I'm taking control by getting on TOP!

Who can argue with that?