Sunday, March 4, 2012

No talking necessary...just open wide and enjoy.


Hey! You gonna get in here with me or are you going to just stand there hard and drooling?

(You do not have to tell me twice. Don't use up all the hot water.)

Imagine your mouth on these like a double scoop ice cream cone...

(I already have and I will commense to licking now.) thought we were all skinny. I've got your "skinny", Brown!

(Oh my! I totally stand corrected. Yum phuckin' yum!)

Goth chicks need love too...

...and they love to phuck.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When I see Brown, I will jam these in his face!

In that case, I'll be very easy to find.

Cum get some. Cum one, cum all!

Now we're talking. Don't mind if I do.

I suppose you're going slide under me to put these in your mouth?

(It doesn't take a mind reader to figure that one out).

I wonder what they are going have us do since we are required to bathe before the Frat House freshman orientation?

Once they are bathed, many of the plans are obvious.

Don't make me stay on my knees and beg, Brown. Give me some please!

(Lana, you don't have to beg, but it makes for great role play).