Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mmmm....That same position would look incredible naked...

(Care to do me the honors, Sweetheart?)

My Faith has just increased a hundredfold... has the bulge in my pants. (Thanks, Faith!)

How do you like these? Aren't titties fun?

(Oh yeahhh! Fun to look at, fun to suck!)

Oh, Baby...These are my gift to you, Mr. Brown!

(Wow! That is a very generous gift...It is one I will most definitely cherish and caress with my lips!)

Shhh...Brown does not know I'm around here butt naked and he's trying to find me? Can you keep my location a secret?

I was sent here to cater to your every need, Handsome...I'm just a perk of your job.

(Wow! I love the perks of this promotion already!)

This world wide Jell-O wrestling event is wayy better than the crap on TV....

...and it's in my backyard as only I can provide it!

Was I worth the wait, Mr. Brown?

(OMG! Girl, I've been waiting for a while to lay you down and it was damn worth the wait. Deeeeelish! I'm going to phuck you hard core!)

Her rack is wayyy better than those racks of soda...Is she part of the "suck one, suck one free" sale?

If so, Yum!

You're right, Mr. Brown...Being naked does feel good.

(It feels even better when I'm naked with you!)

Climb up for your tasty treat, Baby!

(Sounds good to me, Baby! When I'm done, I'm laying you down for some serious skin slapping.)

That's a titty phuck waiting to happen...but first, a speedboat.

So...Which do you want to taste first? The titty or the koochie?

(With me, I can go with whichever gets you hot fastest!)

Mmmm...I'd rather have you than these two fingers, Brown...

...unless they are your fingers. Mmmmm!

Man, you get me out of my clothes every time, Brown...but I love it!

(That my claim to fame, Baby!)

Her MILF titties blend beautifully into any crowd.


One lucky ass fella...

...he'd better be doing something with each and every one of them or he'll never live it down.

They are the very reasons why my parties are so good...

...all they ask for is a little liquor to wind them up and they do the rest. Yum!

Since you turned in your library books quicker than any other patron, I shall reward you tremendously...

(Oh my! Thank you so much...I think I will visit the library often!)

This hair is hard to deal with, Brown...What should I do?

(Huh? Oh! Uh...You were saying? I was distracted.)

After dinner, wanna have these for dessert?

(That goes without saying, Baby!)

Kiss me, Kayla...

(...and I'll kiss ya back...right there on those sweet tits.)

College party babes....

...they are sooo what makes going to college worthwhile. Mmmm....

Doing her part to reduce the graffitti issue on our streets...

Her dedication toward community service is highly commendable!

You should know that if I'm showing this much cleavage, I'm up to something...Namely to invite you to suck on them and to get free drinks.

(Well, you know...You are a woman after my heart and my sex drive! You get both requests!)

The other Haley...The blonde side of delectability!

All Hail Hailey! Oh my, those look unbearably delicious!

She knows it and keeps teasing me.

Oh my! I think this wedding prank has just taken a turn for the better....De-fricken-lish!

Wanna pillow fight with these pillows, Honey?

(Phuck YEAH! Bring them over here...After I'm done, they are getting a really good titty phuck.)

Hell-o, Gorgeous!

This golden girl is phucking FINE! Mmm Mmm!

I come back with the drinks, thinking these chicks were going to be boring and then out of the blue, there they are...

...I think you can guess what happens next after I saw them all naked in front of me.

Don't let my "mild mannered" look fool you...I can take your big and tall ass on, Brown...Deep!

(Awww sh*t! Well cum on with it then, Baby!)

Oh! You want me to show you my titties over there? Good! I didn't want anyone else looking at them but you, Brown.

(That's very kind allowing me that level of exclusivity. Yum!)

Alright, Ladies...Since you all have keys to my timeshare suite, you only have to do one thing to offset the cost-- Show me your titties.

Oh wow! Looks like you ALL have natural titties...I have no choice but to suck and squeeze on them all...Just to be sure they're natural.

(Sorry for the inconvenience, Ladies...Those are the rules.) Heh! Heh!

Phuck it! I just going to get FREE!! Yeah!!!!

(Ohhhh yeahhh, Baby! Do your thing the way nature intended!)

Thanks again for letting me use your pool for free, Brown...I may just get naked.

(Shiiit! Well why don't you?)

You are smoking hot, Mr. Brown...You have every right to lay me down...I love it when you do those long strokes.

(If long strokes is what you want, then long strokes is what you get...Different strokes for different folks is what I say. Heh! Heh!)

Now That's one hell of a line up for my birthday present...

...this is what I naturally ask for every birthday-- Titties! They wrapped in a bra for me to unwrap and I like them lined up just like this.

Excuse me...Can you ride on that horse really fast? I'd like to evaluate the horse's performance.

If she believe that, maybe I'll sell her a bridge too.

Wanna taste a piece of this, Ryan?

All you need is a pool and the chicks get NAKED!

When she's done skinny dipping here, she'll cum inside for the real chocolate!

Wanna bounce off these?

(Hell YEAH!...When and where? Name it!)

Ahhh yeah! Swirl your tongue up these again, Brown!...Damn it feels good!

(Just doing my part to please the finest MILF titties around. Yum!)

Yeah...Like I don't have the power to seduce guys...I'm seducing you right now aren't I?

(The best way to do that is to take that top off.)

Here's a portrait for your wall, Mr. Brown...I knew you'd love to capture this memory.

(Looking at your portrait is not nearly as good as touching, tapping and tasting you, Baby!)

Hmmm...I wonder what sleep number Mr. Brown uses on this bed? At least the neighbors won't hear the squeaking.

(My number is the number of positions I can do you in before I erupt in pure ecstacy.)

Please forgive me in advance...I breathe loud and haevy during sex.

(No problem...At the first stroke, I'll have you screaming!)