Saturday, November 29, 2008

*Hisss!* I'll phuck you like a cheetah, Baby!

(Well come on and bring it, Sugar! I am down for the call of the wild!)

You gonna phuck me or taste me, Brown?

(Shiiit! Since you're "open" for anything I might do, how about that I do both?)

I need my back washed. Are you going to get in here with me?

(You bet...but I'm having trouble getting my pants off because I'm so hard right now. Geez!)

Was she attractive enough to have thousands paid to her as an escort for a now disgraced governor?

If you saw her sweet rack and you're old like he was, maybe. However, I don't think she was worth it even with some nice hooters. I prefer getting mine for free.

That's what I love about conventions...Attendees like to let loose when they are drunk and away from home...

...and I like to take full advantage of them when they are in town at my club. Heh!

Oh, Brown...Is that water cold that you're going to splash me with? I'm going to close my eyes just in case.

(Don't worry, Baby...I'll hose you really gentle.)
Brown's backyard hosedown's....Better than any backyard barbeque, bar none!

You didn't think caramel came in this size did you?

(OMG! I'm a believer now. Those are some luscious areolas, probably the best caramel ones I've seen in a long time. Now...excuse me as I taste them. Mmmm...)

Mr. Brown, considering the fact that you used to fantasize about me so much, I wanted to give you a token of my thanks for your support.

(Thank you, Audra...To cherish this moment, may I please phuck you in the ass and your sweet koochie? This is sooo nice! As your number one fan, you'll always have my support!)

The one in the middle is the very reason why I love cinnamon so much...

...and I'd love for her to put some of that cinnamon in my mouth.

So...You want me to put these in your mouth slowly? Why do you want me to do that, Brown?

(Tiffany, I just love enjoying the moment of sweet juggs slowly going into my mouth...I like to savor it!)

Damn, I'm hot!...I guess Brown was right. What a charmer!

I charm them right out of their clothes because of it. Ohhh yeahh!

Wanna lick?

(Uh..Hell YEAH! I wanna lick, suck and phuck! You're fricken gorgeous!)

Pull these off and you can do anything you want, Brown!

(That's my intent, Baby! Those sweet juggs don't stand a chance.)

My good friend just came from Afghanistan, so I want to make sure he came here too when he got back...and with her, BOY DID HE! All up inside her!

She can phuck and she loves men in uniform, so you can pretty get the gist of how well that was going to turn out. She also liked to be manhandled as you can see. I just need to get my video camera out. Yowza!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am so glad I got that pool built last summer...

....the view is the greatest incentive of all!

Yum fricken yum! I could take either one or BOTH!

You know we're hot, go ahead and say it!

(Actually, I'm going to say you're phucking smoking hot! How's that?)

Ha! Ha! Ha! We're solving the graffiti problem, Brown! Do you part!

(Oh, I'd like that a lot! Where's the markers?!)

We're wearing hard hats, because we like to do the HARD jobs...If you know what I mean.

(I know exactly what you ladies mean...I'm hard right now-- would you like to do this job?)

We just love to party, Brown...We're open for anything tonight-- and we mean ANYTHING!

(Holy smokes! Now that's what I'm talking about! That's exactly what I have in mind for you ladies!) Heh! Heh!

Brown, we're taking you up on your offer to cuddle with us...

(I'm so glad you two took me up on it...Didn't know you ladies liked the idea of cuddling. Just so you know, it may lead to grinding and other things, which may require us to be naked.) Heh!

Today's color is GREEN!

...and you know why!

They both look a little hammered...Primed for phucking

I just need to get my camera ready and let the action begin.

I'm going to kiss all three of you...

(...and ya'll should know-- I love to kiss...all over your sweet bodies!)

Brown's, Ryan's & Tank's...You fellas cool with that?

These babes would make for a great phuckfest. Yum!

Yeah! Take are gander at THESE, Brown!

(OMFG! Those are suckalicious, Stephanie! I can see them in my mouth right now!)

They sure are....

...and you don't need a t-shirt to tell me that-- just my compliments to confirm it.

I have something bigger and longer for her to satisfy her cravings and her thirst...

...and I'm also glad her bra a little small for her luscious juggs.

I like this position too, Brown. Phuck me hard, phuck me good!

(I wouldn't have it any other way, Sweetness!)

Don't make me turn around and show you all this...You might not be able to handle it!

(I'm willing to give it a try...Let my mouth and hands be the judge of what I can handle!)

You think I'm trying to seduce you? Whatever gave you that idea?

(Hmmm...Let's see. Titties in my face, lingerie...I say that kind of fits the bill don't you think?)

Cleavage check, Samantha...Let me see them!

(Oh! Those are phucktabulous! I'll get your next drink to toast to those.)

Bring your head over here, Brown...I want you to taste my cleavage.

(Oh my! Don't mind if I do...and as a birthday gift for your flat chested friend, I'll let her participate in a threesome with us later tonight.)

Take a look at THIS! Isn't it neat?

(Oh yeah...It's nice...Really nice!)

Oh, I'm just hanging out. You like what you see?

(Damn right I do...Your tight shirt and titties fit like a hand in glove. Yum!)

Hey Bartender...I'm really short on cash. Is my credit good here?

(As long as you keep those in my face, you won't have to pay a single dime for drinks tonight!)

Will you rub your head between these with your facial hair...I love how that feels. It tickles!

(I'll be glad to, Sugar! It's time for tickly!)

Notice that the busty babes love to be around the lesser endowed...

It keeps the competition for Brown's affections down...because they know they'll always be the one that's picked.

I know we're strangers, but will you take my hand and walk me down to the beach, Sir? I don't like to walk alone.

Okay...This hottie with a very nice rack is making a request...unless you a fricken gay, you'd be a fool to turn down that kind of golden opportunity.

I can tell you right off that these two are college freshmen and first time drinkers...

I'm going to have to break them in real more ways than one!

Give me a nice smile, Ladies!

(Sweet! Aren't you two sweet and sexy looking...I've got a lot of plans for you two tonight. Get ready!)

Speedboats make me smile, Ryan...Wanna give me one right now?

(I'm sure Ryan would....but if you'd like a double engine speedboat, let me know.)

The one on the right is a fan favorite in these parts...I love them both though. Yum!

Heyyyy! I love this party, Brown! You wanna make a deposit in my bank too?

(That's not the only deposit I want to make, Baby...Meet me after the party in my suite.)

I've got the one in the polka dots, but as you can see, there are other hot, busty babes to go around...

Take your pick for a full fledged phuckfest at my beach house, Fellas!

I'll tolerate the knucklehead in this pic for the benefit of seeing the chick with the nice cleavage...

Do you all see the sacrifices I make to give you the finest set of racks at Brown's Supersexy Babeblog? Hoist another drink up in appreciation. Cheers!

Isn't THAT the truth!...especially around THOSE!

I'd have a lot of fun with those beach balls!

Jennifer and Felicia! It is great to see you too again...more than you can possibly know!

You two are definitely a pleasant sight for grateful eyes!

Wow! She lifts her leg up pretty good in my pool.

I wonder what kind of positions she likes to get into? I guess I'll find out once I bring them in for tea...Long Island Iced Tea that is.

Since she's wearing a BROWN top, it's only natural that BROWN has dibs on her...

I'll even take the taller blonde one for a nice threesome.