Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm so glad to be back, Brown...now take the rest of it off with your teeth!

(Yowza! Don't mind if I do!)

You know you want to kiss me, Brown. Just do it!

(You bet I will...and I will do much more than that!)

As soon as I get in Brown's club, all of THIS will get me in the VIP!

Wow! Talk about confidence...but she's exactly right.

I'm a freshman, first time drinker and a virgin...Will I still be welcome to the Frat House with no life experience, Brown?

(Absolutely! That is what our freshmen orientation at the Frat House is for...gorgeous ladies just like you. You'll gain a lot of life experience after you've spent time with us.) Heh! Heh!

Mmmm...I knew my exotic beauty would win Brown over. Now I can make a name for myself in America.

(You better believe you will. If you have sisters, call them up. I've got...opportunities for them too.) Heh!

Only two ways drinks are served on The Swordman's boats...In bikinis or naked.

By the time the night's over, she'll be way overdressed.

Why are you watching me eat, Brown...or is that really what you're looking at?

(You know exactly what I'm looking at.)

That is the only way our Frat House wait staff serve drinks...

...that's how I like to get my shots too!

Get in here, Asher...This is MILF Mondays and I want YOU!

Who said Mondays can't be pleasurable?!

I see that look in your eye, Brown...What do you have in mind for us?

(That's an easy guess, Ladies. Why ask questions that you already know the answer to?)

This is a very nice freshmen orientation, Brown. We're loving the food. What's next?

(Dessert is at the Frat House, Ladies. You'll love that even better.) Heh! Heh!

Oh! You want me to get down from up here and turn the over way like this? Is that why you're letting your pants drop, Brown? Okay...

(Very perceptive of you, Maria!)

Mmmm...Is that Brown over there? I think I'm going to sneak up on him and slap his ass.

Selma can whatever the hell she wants with me. Ohhh yeahhh!

You're welcome, Brown! I love coming by the Frat House when I visit from Brazil!

(Yes, Sweetness. May the Frat House be your primary vacation destination every year!)

Wow! Is that W.B.? I sure hope he notices me at this bikini contest.

(Trust me, Sugar...If you got my attention, you've got his!)


With those credentials, as soon as she get to my club, she's going straight to the VIP!

THis is the second time I had to cum to your house for those overdue books. Do I need to keep cumming over here?

(You damn right! All my mother trucking books are going to be overdue as long as you keep cumming...over here!)

I've got dibs on the phucktabulous babe on the right...

...but I'll gladly take them both!

Emo cleavage taste just as delicious as regular cleavage...

I'd also love to give her a real piercing...

Motorboat, Anyone?

(Me! MEEE!!!)

Tuesday Night Billiards...Only at the Frat House!

That looks phucking hot...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brown, you know we're lightweights when it comes to your drinks. Last time, we ended up naked making out with each other...and we're not even lesbian.

(That's exactly why I kept giving you ladies drinks. I have the whole event on tape in case you ladies don't remember that night.) Heh! Heh!

One drink and I already have them kissing. Once I teach them how to really make out with each other, then the party's really going to start.

I enjoy the Frat House international student orientations. Heh! Heh!

MILF Magnifico!

I LOVE the Frat House pool parties!

Are you serious, Brown? W.B. is returning to the Frat House? Ohhh! I missed him so MUCH!

(Yes, W.B. is returning, Baby! Get ready to cream!)

I love to kiss, Brown. Will you kiss me?

(Uh...YEAH!...but you know it'll not stop there, right?)

Get back here soon, Swordsman. I'll be waiting. ;)


No matter how many countless times I've seen her sweetness, I never get tired of seeing her pics or that delicious rack..

...and one day I'm going to find her full set of pics!

No, I do not have triplet sisters...I'll just do you so good, you'll think you're being done by three women.

(Yowza! I want every ONE of those three aspects of you working me, Baby!)

Heyyyy! We're going to the Frat House to PARTY and get our drinks on!

(Ladies, you're going to the right place with those party dresses on...and you're going to get much more than drinks and dancing. Heh!)

If the Frat Boys have been wondering where The Swordsman has been, he has been sailing the Pacific with me and my beautiful cousins...

(Oh my! No worries with all of that deliciousness! We'll see him upon his return.)

Yeah, Brown...I'm having blast. Nice club. I wore the red dress for YOU!

(Well then, Janice. Bring your sweetness up to my sweet so I can...appreciate it and you more.)
Hey Jimmy...bring the good stuff upstairs, will ya? Heh! Heh!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You damn right I'm fine, Brown! Now get over here and plant those juicy lips on me!

(Will do! Anything you want, Rosa!)

Don't forget, Brown...I entertain you Frat Boys on Wednesday exclusively. Anything you guys want, I'll do!

(I phucking LOVE you, Jalene!)

You want us to jump on your trampoline, Brown? Are you serious? What are you up to, Brown?

(Oh nothing...I just like to see you two...bounce. Clothing's optional at the Frat House.) :)

*Sigh* Another cleavage shot, Brown? You sure do love titties, huh? Okay...here you go!

(Thank you, Baby...and the 200+ followers of this blog thank you too.) Heh!

Is THIS how you want me, Swordsman?

(I'm sure he does and so do I!)

All these clothes and I have nothing to wear, Brown!

(Don't worry, Red! I was planning to make the most of your...dilemma anyway.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Why Asher! Did you walk in on me in the shower by accident or did you come in to see me naked on purpose?

Either way is a win/win in my book. Heh!

Hi Frat Boys! We're here for the international freshmen orientation. Why is ours so special?

(That's because we like to be...cultural by engaging in a little Kama Sutra with you.) Heh!

Excuse me, Miss...Your HAND is in the way of a perfectly good shot. Please remove it...

(...or better yet, I'll hold them for you.) Heh!

When I'm on a boat, those are the only floatation devices I want to grab hold of...


Yum! Yum! I phucking love a good MILF...

...and she's wearing my favorite color...for now!

Hi Asher! Brown sent me as your midday snack...You hungry?

(Wow...I'm getting hungry too.)

I'l be happy to take on both you and Brown, Asher...I always wanted to know what that felt like with two guys...

(I'll tell you for certain, Angie...It will hurt at first, but you'll adjust.) Heh! Heh!

Asher, will you show me a good time around to city? I'm new to college and don't know my way around. Please?

College babes like that almost always find deliciously creative ways to show appreciation when they're low on funds. I say use your charm, Asher...

I'm wearing this on Friday, Brown. I know I have you eating out of my hand when I do...

(Girl, you know damn well that's not all I'm eating when you wear that top, Baby! Yowza!)

Yes, I'm wearing the dress and coat. The last time I wore this, you phucked me all might long, Brown. Guess what I'm in the mood for? ;)

(Oh. My. Stars. and. Stripes....Well let's get started, as that's coming off!)

Nice club, Brown! Do we get to try those drinks we've heard so much about? We've come to PARTY! Wooooooo!!!!!

(Nice! Since you two are woo girls, you get the first drink on the house. Ohh yeahh!)

Sure, Asher. Spray that whipped cream on here...but only if you lick it back off.

(Uh...Samantha, I think that was Asher's plan all along.)