Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm sorry, Brown...I'm just a little shy when it comes to showing my breasts.

(No need to be so shy, Baby. Trust me. Those are for my eyes only). Uh...yeah!

Hey Brown! My shades are almost as dark as the ones you wear...especially when you're staring at my breasts and you think I don't know.

(Oops! I guess you "busted" me...It's so true.)

The Adventures of Ashley - (The pre-college years)

I won't even hold it against her that she's a Deadskins fan.

Ohhh! I want you so badly, Tank! Please...Sponge me down.

Awww sh*t! I sure hope Tank doesn't hear this request...Maybe I can get a chance to fill her request on his behalf. Heh! Heh!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm thinking about you, Brown. You are so sweet.

(I'm thinking about you too. That cleavage most defintely keeps me thinking about you.)

Hell yeah I'm ready to phuck, Brown! Can I give you any better clue than this?

(Holy smokes! I think you are clear as crystal on those intentions.)

Hey Brownie Baby! Where those cute guys Ryan, Sword and Tank you told me about? I've got two girls a piece for each of them...Three of us for you!

(Wow, Alicia! Your friends are delicious looking and so do you in that silver and black top. I'll bring my boys and the liquor...Let's party!)

Yay! Brown thinks I'm fine enough to be on his blog! Wooo hoooo!!!

Blog membership defintely has its prestige especially at the BSB.

What's up, Brown! Let me introduce you to Carmen...I think you'll obviously find her attributes quite appealing.

(That I do, Man...She's definitely pretty in pink. Pleased to meet you, Carmen.)

Woooo!!!! We love you Sword! Woooo!!!!

Why does Sword get to have all the "Woo girls"? Must be nice.

Brownie! It's so good to see you! Look what I wore just for you!

(I'm phucking...speechless!)

Those titties, areolas and nipples are so big, they are INSANE! Now she's putting oil on them? Now that's a GUARANTEED titty phuck...

...and I'll take the first honors of course!

Oh my! Irresistable!

I've got to have her!

All yours, Brown! Come and get them!

(Holy smokes! Don't mind if I do!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hi Sword! Hi Tank! Would you two like to hang out with us tonight?

I think you fellas better get a move on. When chicks show cleavage like that, it's an offer I can't refuse!

Tantalizingly tight t-shirts....

...they make the world go round.

You look good in black, Irene. I'm sorry I messed up your green top earlier...

...it couldn't be helped.

Oh Ryan!!! Get over here, Darling! I'm your party guest for the day!

Wow! I think you better get over there quick, Ryan!

Ryan's, Tank's, Brown's and the last two babes are for Sword...

...because he'll hump any girl that moves.

The Adventures of Ashley - the pre-college years

Ashley's delicious looking mocha skin, beautiful body and long, jet black hair got her on my radar early on...Plenty more of her to come!

All you want is just a hug, Brown? Yeah right!

(Alright, you got me! While a hug is good, it'll never be enough when it comes to you!)

Yeah, Brittany! You're going to get some of this tongue tonight. Brown wants some too!

(I am sooo in on that, Ladies...Come on up to my suite and we'll have all the privacy we'll need.)

Do you really think I'm that seductive, Brown? Even with this close up?

(Phuck yeah! Yum fricken yum!)

The Adventures of Ashley - The pre-college years!

Ashley is one sweet mocha babe

Excuse me, Ladies. I'm taking Irene off your hands...

...she knows how much I like her in ponytails.

Oh Brown! Please tell me you brought Ryan! Denise has been dying to meet him!

(Denise is a cutie, Hannah! She has nice dimples too. Ryan is going to love her!)

I knew you were a fan of tight t-shirt, Brown! This is why I wore this...and it's not even your birthday yet!

(Seeing those, I think it just came early!)

Sword! Your tongue, right HERE! Enjoy, Baby!

Geez! You've got it going on like that, Sword? I'm not mad at ya for that, Brother. Yowza!

Are you obsessed with me or something, brown? You've got so many pictures of me...Do you really like me that much?

(Uh...YEAH!! So do hundreds of other adoring fans on this blog!)

Damn! I should've thought about the perks of being a surfing instructor and learned how to surf...

...so I could surf my way into all kinds of koochie like that!

Ryan! I didn't know you were here! We have GOT to catch up! What are you doing tonight?

With a gorgeous face and body like hers, I sure hope you've cancelled any other plans, Ryan!

Obviously, today's color is...BROWN!!

Like that any surprise! SInce that color happens to be my last name, I guess I've got dibs on the busty babe on the left. Heh! Heh!

You take that side and I'll take the other side, Kimberly!

(Hold those up a little more, Neisha! Nice...)

I'm love to dunk those two right about now...

...and we're not talking about basketball dunking of course.

Ooh! Are you going to just Amanda have ALL the fun touching these, Tank?

Let's hope not, Tank! I'd love to cop a feel myself. Better move quickly, Man.

I can't take it anymore, Brown! You've gotta rip my clothes off and phuck me silly!

(No problem...I hope you didn't pay too much for that bra, because I'm ripping it in two!)

Woo! We heard about your party boat, Sword! Take us with you! Wooooo!!!!!!!

You better handle yours, Sword. Woo girls love to phuck!

I sure hope Ryan likes me...I'm not sure if he's into redheads.

(Don't worry, Sandra...He'll like you a lot.)
Especially after what I told him about my experience with redheads.

Looks who's come by to see me-- My Amazing Amazon! She even brought a friend....in lingerie!

Looks like I need to fill those cups high!

Just a drink or two to go and they are ready...

...for some serious threesome action for which I am the host.

I knew you liked fishnets, Sword. I'm YOUR catch of the day!

Allllrighty then! Boots and fishnets...Ohhh yeahhh!

We apologize, Brown! We thought this was the only beer available...as you can see, we're first time drinkers.

(That was pretty clear. No one drinks that horse piss unless they never had real beer before. Come over to my place, Ladies...Time to drink the good stuff!)

That view is CLEAVE-sational!

I'd better keep a look out behind me...Brown always finds a way to sneak up on me. I can't believe it!

No matter how watchful she thinks she is, I'll always catch by surprise. As a reward, she lets me bury my head in those. Yum!

Heyyyy! Don't play, Missy! You know how I am...especially when I'm tipsy!

(If that's the case, HEY BARTENDER!!!)

Really! Sword is coming to take us girls on his boat. He's going to be here in an hour. I'm so pumped!!

Once you get on his boat, you most definitely will be. Heh!

I'm going to get my hair ready for Brown...He loves my hair long like this.

I actually do like her hair long...but that's not the only thing I like about her!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yes, Brown...I want my first time to be with you.

(Works for me...Your first time will be something you're never going to forget, Baby!)

Sword, Brown & Ryan...We want all three of you!

(Sweet! We want you ladies too! It's time to party!)

Magnificent Molly and her friend - Seattle's sexiest!

She's wearing my favorite color blue again...Damn, she's so phucking fine. Her body type is pure perfection.