Friday, October 29, 2010

OMG! If she keeps that up, she's capable of giving a fella a heart attack...

...but if she puts those in their face, they'd die happy!

Brown, we are so phucking lit! How did we end up naked in each other's arms? Did you put something in our drinks?

(Yeah...Blame it on the alcohol, Ladies.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ohhh my babies...I love the way Brown licks and sucks on you.

(You got that right. I can lick and suck on those juggs for hours!)

OMG! I can't believe you caught me phucking Asher, Sword! No point in trying to hide that point, huh?

(Yeah...and covering his balls with your hands conceals nothing. lol)

I'm dead serious, Asher. My sister wants you too and if you think I'm busty, wait until you see HER!

Yowza! I think I'd like to see her too!

Of course I'm a little shy around the Swordsman. He is like a rock star in these parts!

(No sweat. One of my drinks will loosen you right on up.) Heh!

Just the way you like them, Brown. Big as gumdrops and just as tasty!

(Yes, Ma'am. Bring those over here please!)

I need a MAN! The boys are too scared of all of this!

(Be careful what you wish for...All you have to do is knock on the Frat House door!)

Hmmm...I wonder who could handle all of my fineness tonight?

(Come by the Frat House and I assure you you'll know firsthand who could handle that...and GOOD!)

She can feel free to...hang around the Frat House anytime!

Phucking sweet!

After I finish Brown's infamous drink, I will not be surprised to wake up the next day with your face deep in between these, Swordsman.

(Uh...that wouldn't be a surprise for any of us.)

Amazing! I've never got this much attention in Kansas. This freshmen orientation is just awesome! If I get drunk tonight, are you going to make sure I get back to the dorm?

(We are completely committed to making sure all of our guests get back to their dorms safely by the next morning.) Heh!

Hey Frat Boyz! We've got your cleavage check RIGHT HERE! What do you say that? Woooooo!!!!

(Wow! Looks like you showed us a thing or two, huh? I guess you'll need to keep showing us just so your point is loud and clear.) Heh! Heh!

Ohhh Asher! It's just so hot in here! Can I take this off?

Now that's a stupid question if I ever heard one.

Hey you! Your head between these please!

(Yummy girl, with a rack like that, you never have to say please to much of anything.)

I phucking LOVE you Frat Brothers! Can I come back next weekend too?

(You can come out anytime you like, Sugar. Just don't tell your parents what you're doing during the Frat House's freshmen orientation and we're good.) Heh! Heh!

You deserve this, Brownie Baby...and so do I! It's my birthday you know.

(Oh yes it is...and I get to unwrap the gift? Mmmm...You would think it was MY birthday instead.)

When I get drunk, I can't help but act like a pet....and I can do lots of tricks.

(Feel free to do as many as you like especially with that tongue out, Sweetheart...while I keep the drinks coming!)

That was so sweet of Asher to leave this flower for me. I wonder what I can do to repay his kindness?

(Patricia, from the looks of how you're...uh...dressed, that answer should cum easy.)

Hey Brown. I brought your favorite! Cleavage!

(Thank you, Baby. Do you know what my second favorite is? I'd like ot unwrap it from under that top!)

Look in my eyes, Asher...What part of "I'M A FREAK" do you not understand?

(Baby, I think both Asher and I can read that in your eyes loud and clear. Shall we put that freakiness to the test?)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need I say more?

(I can answer that...They are under your tight titty t-shirt.)

I may be a little thin, but I'm busty. Do I fit the bill, Brown?

(Uh...YEAH! You had me at busty!)

I sure hope Asher likes me. I know I'm a freshman with girl next door looks, but I'm open for anything...ANYTHING!

In that case, I think it's safe to say she is IN with Asher!

Yeah...I'm going to sneak around the other side of this Frat House and sneak these right into Brown's mouth. Hmmm...I am so clever!

(That you are, Sweetness...except you don't have to sneak any of that body into my mouth.)

There's no way Brown won't post my hot pic on his blog-- especially after I put these in his face!

(You got that right, Baby...especially since you're also wearing my favorite color.)

I've got the fishnets on for you, Swordy baby!

(Niiiice! Now the party can start!)

Why do we always end up acting this way when we have a few drinks at your club, Brown?

(As always, it's by design!) Heh! Heh! Heh!

I'll take on TWO of you Frat Brothers, Asher...How about you and the Swordsman?

(Niiice! Looks like I need to turn on the hidden camera...take her to room 5, Fellas!) Heh!

With this bikini and boobs, I'm sure I'll have no problem crashing Sword's party tonight.

She should know that a nice rack is her invitation to Sword's boat parties!

Tap my sweet ass hard, Brown...Even a titty man like you can't resist this.

(Phuck! I think you're right...especially with that pose. Prepare for the di*k down!)

Wow...Brown is something else. He gives me cock and coffee. I'll definitely be back at the Frat House again.

Do you all NOW know why I love MILFs so much? All they need are the two "Cs".

Oh Sword! I am SO pumped to go to the pool party on your boat tonight!

Yeah...she'll be pumped in more ways than one!

Oh! I'm sorry! I thought this was Asher's room. Is he here?

(Uh...Hi. Actually Asher's in Europe until tomorrow. I'll be happy to keep you company until he gets back in the morning.)
The sacrifices I make for a fellow Frat brother...It's the least I can do. Heh!

This is why I love freshmen orientation at the Frat House...

(Okay, can get rid of the panties now too. You'll have no need for them for at least a couple of days.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Hey Brown...Would you and Sword to man these torpedos?

(I think I can speak for Sword in saying you damn right we would!)

Are you talking about these, Asher? Sure, you can have some just to say thanks for being a fan of my cheerleading team!

(Wow...Looks like I'm going to be a fan too!)

Titties can add life even to a graveyard...

...In fact, it would not surprise me if titties had to power to raise the dead. I get "stiffs" in my pants from them all the time.

...but all I want to do is phuck, Asher. Is that asking too much?

(Hey Emily...Once Asher's had his fun, feel free to stop my room for a double dose.) Heh!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks, Swordsman. Mmmmwahhhh!

Got to love the grateful babes.

Of course I love to get on top, Asher. I love to look at you when my eyes are not closed and put these in your face too.

(Sweet! When you're done visiting with Asher, I have an assignment for you as well.) Heh!

I'm looking forward to the freshman orientation, Brown. Are you going to be my "sponsor"? Please?! Please??

(Okay, Baby...Since you insist.) Heh! Heh!

THat's what I love about you, Brown. You love juicy women, not flat chested toothpicks.

(You got that right. Toothpicks need not apply.)

DO you really think you can bnring the freak out of me, Asher? You know people do not think I look like the type.

(Kim, Asher brings the freak out of babes with his morning coffee.)

I love my cleavage just as much as you, Brown. Am I the VIP suite at your club tonight?

(You damn right!)

Yes, we're tipsy, Brown. What are you going to do about it?

(That calls for more drinks and when you wake up naked in the morning you'll know what I've done about it.) Heh!

Don't let my innocent looks fool you, Asher. I know a few things...

Nice...I'd like to find out just how much she knows.

So THIS is where you have your infamous backyard hosedowns, Brown? I happen to have my bikini in the car to change.

(Actually, you really don't need to change's always optional.)

Who am I? I spent the night with Mr. Swordsman. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Brown. I've heard lots about you.

(Pleased to meet you too. Since Sword is otherwise occupied, I'll keep you company.) Heh!

Oh yeah. We're always ready to party, Brown. Please say we're going with you to hte Frat House for the after party.

(Your wish is granted, Ladies. Just keep your schedules open until noon when you wake up tomorrow.)