Friday, July 30, 2010

Halt! This is the Sheriff! Come out with your hands UP!

My favorite command in these cases...Heh!

I so love the the beach...

...and those are always the center of attraction.

I heard you Frat Boys are really well endowed...I wonder if I can take two of you on at the same time? Hmmm...

(Oh the possibilities...only one way to find out, Sugar.)

Relax, Brown. This is going to be good for both me and you. I'm giving my virginity to you...

(It is an honor to receive it, Priscilla. Mmmm...)

Is this how you want me to touch myself, Asher? Mmmm..this does feel good...and so does this...ohhh!

Asher just met her thirty minutes ago and already got her that's a true Frat Brother!

I can't beleive you've got me naked on my knees, Brown. I normally don't do this for any man...

(After doing you so good last time, get used to it, Maria...because you want more of it.)

You finally got me with your seductive charm, Brown. That's quite a silver tongue you've got!

(Wait until you feel me put my tongue to good use, Baby...You'll see just how seductive I really can be.)

If Asher only knew what tricks I can do to make him holla...Tell him, Brown!

(With those juicy lips, believe can make be holla just pressing them against me. Yowza!)

WHatEVER, Brown! I could get you hard in 0.3 seconds of putting your head between these...and it doesn't matter which one!

(Wow...You've got me read like a book, Soledad!)

I'm wearing the fishnets just like you ask...what do you think?

(Very you're going to have to take all of that off.) already know what I want between these, Brown. Stop teasing!

(I aim to please, not tease, Baby.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love it when they fall for my nailed down silver dollar trick...

Sweet! May she pull on it for a while before she realizes it's nailed down. Heh! Heh!

..but it feels weird having another girl put their face on them, Brown!

(Relax, Arlene...It'll actually feel more comfortable if you take the top off.) Heh!


Naked babes kissing are always a continual hit at the Frat House on Fridays!

How do you like my cat pose, Brown? I'll jump on you just like one!

(Go ahead, but please do it all naturale, please.) Heh!

Yes, Brown. This is what I do after my classes during the day. Do you think I'm naughty?

(Well young lady...I think you are. I'll just have to give you a spanking.) Heh!

I know I'm a "C" cup, but I have a slammin' body. I hope I can make the cut for Brown's Blog...

She just barely made it...Heh! Heh!

It just goes to shoe that very few can resist the power of titties even when they have a nice set of their own!

I need to be licking those two scoops while she's licking hers...

Sure, Brown...You know I like it when to place your head between them.

(You got that right, Sugar. The pleasure's all mine.)

WHo doesn't like to wake up to a nice set of juggs in the morning...?

...always a pleasure to wake up to a couple of melons for breakfast.

If I put these in your face, W.B., you might get smothered.

(I don't know about W.B., but that's one way to die HAPPY.)

Ladies Night is NAKED nights on Thursdays...on at Brown's!

I know what I'm going to be sucking on before the night's out...

Welcome to Brown's annual community party...What can I get you?

Every year I work the community so that they tolerate our crazy Frat House nights...and they LOVE it!

I like my man to unwrap the gifts himself, so if you want it, come get it.

(Don't mind if I must be an early birthday for me. Heh!)

I'm just your average girl next door, Brown...I'm pledging the Sorority next door, so you'll have access to me all the time. ;)

(Cassie, there's nothing "average" about you, Baby...You are going to be one delicious sorority babe.)

This bra is a little tight on me, Asher...Wanna pull it off?

(I think he would.)

I'm yummy through and through, Brown. You better recognize!

(I guess I'll have to do a taste test to make that determination. Frat House rules!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a freshman from the hills of Kentucky, Brown. What is the Frat House orientation about?

(With those two party favors you're bringing, you're about to find out. Welcome!)

I'll have you know, Brown...I'm one horny ass Snow White!

(I can see that...and I'm a horny ass Prince Charming!)

You wanna hose me down? It's just so HOT in here!

( You know it, Maggie...I plan to do more before the night is over!)

How do you do it, Brown? All these hot chicks and you still take time to treat me like a lady. That's awesome!

(That's how I roll, Baby. Our ladies mean a lot to us and even though we like to get our freak on, we'll still treat our ladies well.)

Frat House freshmen orientation!!! Woooooo!!! We're here!!!

(Ohhh yeahhh...Now that's what I'm talking about, Ladies! I'm glad you woo girls are so pumped about it...or a least you're going to be once we're done. Heh! Heh!)

Ha! Ha! Ha! You're so craaazy! That's why I love coming over to see you, Brown. What do you want to do with me tonight?

(Baby, that's a question you never need to ask. For starters, you're overdressed. Lose the excess clothing...except the shoes of course. Heh! Heh!)

You are such a charmer, Asher. Thank you so much for the rose. Is there something you want in return for your kindness?

(Hmmm...I'm sure he could think of a couple of things.)

Wow! I can't stop looking at how big that is!

(Looks like I need to take you to the Frat House so you can get a more...intimate look at it.) Heh!

That is exactly how I like my bookworm librarians to look like...

..which was the reason we opened our own library recently and it has a line outside like my nightclub!

The guest dancers at my club can be a little naughty at times...

...which is why I'm going to give them a spanking after work tonight.

Mmmm...The Swordsman is such a gentleman...He was very gentle with me last night. Mmmm...

It's always nice when the Frat Brothers skillfully charm the ladies. We have a rep to protect you know.

I wanted to try one of your famous drinks, Brown. If I'm too tipsy, would you give me a ride?

(Absolutely! In fact, you'll be getting a really nice ride the Frat House!)

Wow! You're so phucking tall, Brown! I LOVE tall men!

(I know you do...and I see you're looking at my big feet too.)

Look like Asher is right...I can get a lot of doors open with THESE credentials...

(Yup...Namely the Frat House and my club!)

Thanks for the ride, Brown. Where are are going to take me?

(There's only one place I have in mind, Vanessa...The Frat House!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You know, I never get tired of seeing two babes kiss...

...and it never ceases to get me hard. Yowza!

Yeah, W.B...It is sweet as honey. I flew in from Canada just to give you a taste and to tap it...

Nice! I love a girl who will go the distance for what she wants...

Why do you want me to do jumping jacks, Asher? Are you just trying to get me to stop covering myself?

Wow! Nothing gets past

Hi! Is it too late to enroll in freshmen orientation at the Frat House? I'm so excited!!!

(You keep leaning over like that and you can enroll as many times as you like...) Heh! Heh!

Titties like that are always worth raising a glass for...

...then pouring champagne down the cleavage to drink!

I know blue's your favorite color, Brown. Why do you think I wore it?

(My favor color also happens to be brown, which I'd like to see more of.)

I bet this bikini top with get the Swordsman's attention..

(It most certainly got my attention!)

Only REAL titty men can handle my goodies!

(Well, Kelley...Looks like you've come to the right place for real titty men.)
...Only at the Frat House!