Monday, March 30, 2009

Announcing...The Babes of Cafe Mocha is NOW OPEN!

Check 'em out! Even though I will not post in the same fashion as the BSSBB, you will still see a plethera of some of the finest babes of color anywhere right here. (See the link on your right) By the end of the week, we'll go through several rounds of deliciously hot babes and you'll see some sweet tits and ass that's full of flavor. Tune in because the best is yet to come! Cheers!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thanks for all these beads, Brown! You've seen them enough so just go ahead and get your taste.

(Mmmm....Looks like I need to visit New Orleans more often during Mardi Gras...Those beads really paid off.)

Oh Brownie Baby! I love indoor pool but also enjoy this outdoor pool. This water feels great.

( Did you say something?)

Yeah, Baby! I'd love to do it standing up!

(No problem. I'm going to wrap your legs around me and you're going to moan loud in sheer delight. You ready for that, Nicole?)

Hey Sir! Flash our titties for change?

You know...That is probably a much more effective way to panhandle than most of the sh*t I've seen out there. I'd actually give these babes some money.)

My nice rack got you all topsy turvy huh?

(That's a true statement and I do not mind at all!)

I can't believe you got me naked, Brown! I usually don't get naked for anybody. Well, since I am, we might as well make it worth my while.

(You better believe it, especially since this is a rare occurence for you. I make it one you'll never forget. Ohhh yeahhh!)

I know your birthday is coming up, Brown...Call me because I know one of your favorite presents is seeing a nice hand this!

(Oh gosh! Yes indeed! I think you've brought my birthday in early.)

I.S.E.D. = International Society of Edible Delights...

...and she definitely has the full credentials to be in that club. Mmmm.

Come on, Brown! You mean to tell me that Ryan would rip this shirt off to get at these? Oooh...I'd love that!

(I sure he would...and I'd love to help.) Heh! Heh!

Ryan's, Brown's, & Tank's...because we do the vintage models (back in their prime) "old school" too, Baby!

Now those are a nice set of buried treasures worth digging for...

...just call me the Titty Pirate.

Normally I don't like piercings especially on the nipples....

....However, her juggs look so phucking nice that even I have to compromise my principles on this. Mmmm Mmmm!

Climb up on these, Sugar!

(OMG yes! That will be my pleasure!)

Ha Ha Ha Brown! My boyfriend won't be back for a week and I know you've been lusting after me like I have been for you. Make me bounce, Baby!

(Ohhhh yeahhh! You know I will. You will be smiling hard after I'm done with you and you'll probably break up with your boyfriend tonight.) you say that all I need is two fingers and I'll get horny? Hmmm...I guess I'll let you watch me try it out tonight, Brown.

(Works for me. May I bring my video camera?)

All yours, Brown! This is just for starters since you've let me in on your blog.

(Holy smokes! If that is all it took, then I should let you in on my VIP at the club and see how far that is going to go!)

She's not only my employee, but also my lover....

She gives me a raise so I give her one in her paycheck....and it's well deserved.

Wow, Kaylee...You didn't say that Brown and Ryan's johnsons were THAT big...I'm going to have to ride on Brown's tonight. Mmmm...

Sorry, Michelle. I thought I when I told you how tall these guys were, you assumed that they were packing like that. Ryan's going to be a lot of fun tonight too...He has big feet so you know what they say about that. Hee hee!

One for you and one for Sword, Mr. Brown...It pays to set sail with the famous Swordsman, eh?

(Oh yes it does indeed...Those are my kind of coconuts.)

I'll let you put your head between these on one condition: Please don't tell my folks. They have no idea about my chocolate fetish.

(No problem. Your secret's safe with me. Most vanilla babes either have been dipped in chocolate before or would like to. Wow, you are one stunning girl next door.)

Tank, you know how much you and your girlfriend means to me. As you can see I'm dressed for the occasion to see both of you. You ready for some fun?

Oh my stars and stripes! She likes couples too?
Damn, Tank! Handle your business or I'll be happy to do the honors for you.

You know exactly what I'm thinking about when I give you this look, Ryan...I want you in my room in two minutes so I can phuck your brains out.

Holy smokes! I'd love for her to give me that look. I'd be in her room in two seconds!

You bet I want to wrestle! I won all-state in my high school last year before I graduated!

(Mmmm...I'd like to see what moves you have. If it gets too hot, I think we'll need to take of our clothes.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Winner! Suckaliciously Mouthwatering MILF Titties Hall of Fame!

Yeah...They make me want to lick my lips too. Mmmm...She'd have to pry my mouth of those things and I may even say "Momma".

Thanks, Brown. I was feeling so...HOT and I needed to cool off in your pool. I also have another way I want to thank you.

(I'm sure you do, especially with that look in your eyes. Come on in, Baby!) Yowza!

Wax me down, Baby! I'm ready.

(Mmmm...I'm definitely ready to wax that sweet ass.)

This is so nice, Sword! You really know how to treat a lady. Have a taste of these as a token of my gratitude for the good time you've shown me.

Whoa...I guess it pays off to be a gentleman, Sword! Chivalry is alive and well...especially to get a taste of those!

You didn't think I'd do it huh, Ryan? You didn't know I was wearing a thong either! Hell, I'll do you standing up right against that truck behind me.

For you, of course I'd leave my boyfriend...He's broke any way and can't afford to be in this picture.

(Mmmm...Works for me. Welcome to the good life, Crystal!)

Ryan, since I still have this flight attendant outfit on, how about I take you to my first class suite for some first class...service?

(Hey...Can I get an upgrade to first class too? That's what I'm talking about!)

Alright...I normally don't do this when I'm tipsy, but I'll do it this time for you and let you see them. Want to taste them too?

(Absolutely! They look nice and I'd never let a nice rack go unattended. Thank you.)

Ooooh! I guess I really am naughty! I didn't mean to cause that 5 car pileup at that intersection. I was just crossing the street.

(Yeah right, Delicious! With that nice cleavage, I'm sure I would've been one of them in that pileup!)

That's funny...I lost my train of thought. Is that some Jedi mind trick to get me naked again, Tank?

(Actually, that was me so that Tank and I can "train" you. will ask us to do so in your hotel room in the next three minutes!)

Mmmm...This strawberry syrup tastes so good, Brown and Ryan. You guys want to help me get it off?

(Uh...I think you need to pour it on every inch of your body! Ryan'll take the right side and I'll take the left side. We will lick it all off of you clean!)

OMFG! The QUEEN of Mega-MILFs!

(If I handed her a towel, it would more than like be very small.)

Phuckaliciously pretty...

...and after having a baby, (not mine as far as I know) she looks phenomenal. Yum!

Let's see...I have nice cleavage and I'm cute. I'm sure Brown will post ME on his blog!

Mmmm....Looks like she knows the formula to make the cut on my blog. Now she just needs to send the naked pics.

Come on over here, Sword...I've been waiting for you to suck on these all day. I don't give a damn if we get caught right here on these steps.

That's what I'm talking about...a gal with no inhibitions. Sweet!

Hee hee! We just turned 21 and we never drank before? Can we celebrate with you tonight, Brown? We hear your parties are OFF THE CHAIN!

(That's true, Ladies....but be careful what you wish for. I can't be responsible for you two waking up in my bed the next morning butt naked and sticky. It happens a lot with you first time drinkers.)

She's going to have to be prepared to give them to me for hours....

...because they are going to have to pry me away from those big juicy thangs!

This is a very nice club, Mr. Brown...Will a taste of these get me into that VIP room?

(Shiiit! A taste of those will get you in my private suite, Gina! Come on up so we can discuss it further. Mmmm Mmmm!)

This is where I feel the most free...Making love in the presence of nature.

(What a coincidence! Me too!)
What she doesn't know is that I can get naked anywhere for a sweet bod like that.

Hey Brown and Sword! We're sisters and we are big fans of you two. We know you guys are party animals. Can we kick it with you guys tonight?

(I'm sure Sword will say the same....We always have time for a couple of beautiful ladies such as yourselves. We'll pick you up in an hour.)

You want a taste of this, Sir?

(Uh..YEAH! Will you do me long time?)

I'm back, Mr. Brown! No one has ever sucked on thse like you do. I get so WET when you do it. it again.

(I'll do anything you like, Jasmine. You just taste so good, that I can't help but to lick those like candy.)

Oh Ryan...Just shut up and hold me!

I bet there's one way to keep Ryan quiet...put those in his mouth.

Delectable Jessica Simpson with captivating cameltoes...Mmmm.

Whoever took that shot should get a huge raise both literally and figuratively.

Get your taste, Brown...

Vintage delight....Joi Lansing.

She was hot when the phrase was not even coined yet. Mmmm...

Hmmm...I hope my nipples don't pop through this as the wind blows. That would be scandalous!

Not for me it wouldn't. Mmmm...!