Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I know I'm pretty hot, but if I send this in to Brown's blog, will he post it I wonder?

Hmmm....I guess she'll have to find out on her next visit...to my house.

That's true....

...why deny it?

You've got me back up against the wall, Tank...I guess I have no choice but to phuck you, isn't that right?

Wow! If that was all it took I would've back her sweet ass to the wall a long time ago. Heh!

Hi Ryan! Wanna play?

(I do! I do!)
I sure hope Ryan's out of town this week. That way I'll be happy to make a play of my own.

I'm not naughty, Mr. Brown...Honest.

(Yeah...with that long hair, savory rack and girl next door charm, you're not fooling anyone here, Baby!)

Yeah...She's finger licking good...and so are those phucktastic juggs.

Hi Tank! Muffle your mouth on THESE!

(Sorry, Melonie...Tank is in Hong Kong deejaying. I'm here to substitute in his stead. It's the least I can do for my friends.) Heh!

I hope Brown believes me when I tell him this is all natural including my full lips. I guess I'll just have to SHOW him.

Yes...I'm like someone from Missouri. You have to show me and I'll need to do a taste test for good measure. Heh! Heh! Heh!

I'm so glad you let me stop by, Brown...Can you kiss my cleavage bye before I go?

(That's funny...I was just about to ask you the same thing.)

Cassandra stopped by the see me, I went to get drinks for us and look what surprise awaited me...

I guess the message is loud and clear what she wants to do, so I'd better put thses drinks down and get right to it. Heh! Heh! Heh!

Yeah...Brown. I will only get turned on if you rip my bra and panties off. Do it!

(I will, Stephanie...I'm already turned on at the very sight of you. Mmmm!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I told you I was going to get you, Ryan...Who has the upper hand now? I feel you getting hard. Oooh!

I'll be happy to be at her tender mercies too, but it looks like to have that situation well in hand... and soon to be in your mouth.

Phuck Ray J...I'm going to bounce on Brown tonight. Vegas, Baby! Woooooo!!!!

I'm going to phuck Cocktail's brains out tonight so good, that VH1 reality show will be changed from For the Love of Ray J to..."For the love of Brown's johnson."

I'm trying to be a good student, Principal Brown, but you make me want to stay naughty. Please discipline me good while I taste my titties. Mmmm...

(That I will, Yolanda...I sentence to to detention in my office for the rest of the week and you'll assume that same position when you come.)

I tell you, Brown...I've been wanting to phuck you for a while and I know you want me...Do you want to taste me like this...

(Yes...very much so.)

...or just hump me in this position? This happens to be my favorite, Brown. Please promise to pound me good like this!

(Hmmm...I say BOTH! Now that's a promise I most certainly will always keep, Dana!)

Mmmm....It must be feeding time. Get over here, Ryan and join me...

...and no talking with your mouth full. *fist bump*

Cum on in, Brown...You're always welcome in here!

(I appreciate that very much...Let me park this Hummer in your driveway, Baby!)

Ryan, I'm addicted to your tongue. Are you my pusher man, Baby?

(Lisa, you can be addicted to mine too if you'd like to give it a shot. Mmmm...)

That's okay...I'm waiting for Sword's yacht to come in. You have all natural cream to protect me from the sun? Sure, I'll take some.

(Okay...Pull on this for a full minutes and it'll cum out free flowing just for you.)

Wow! I really like this camera...I wonder if I need to take of my top off to enhance the camera's features?

(I think you should do just that. The picture would be greatly enhanced and so would I.) Heh! Heh! Heh!

Role play? I love role play, Ryan! Do you want me to dress up as that dominatrix again?

(I can see that...I think I'd like you to dress as that french maid again.) Heh!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brown was so kind to help me with my yard as his new neighbor...I wonder if he's a titty man? I guess I'll find out once he comes in.

Get your video camera out because we all know how this is going to play out.

What do my titties look like, Sword? See for yourself!

Oh. My. Sweet. Goodness.
(Thank you...Can i get a taste?)

Now THIS is what I call Conflict Resolution 101...

...I think we should get started on this right away.

Oh! Hi Ryan! We were just discussing how we're going to phuck you into next week. Would you like to get in on this conversation?

Oh my! I'd love to join him in that conversation with those babes...yes indeed!

Good afternoon...May I interest you in our special?

(Yes, I'll take the special today...May I have a taste of that fine menu please?)

I'm pleased to finally meet you, Mr. Brown! How can I show my appreciation for you adding me to your blog of lovely ladies?

(That's always an easy question, Maria...My mouth is watering and I'd sure would love to see you naked as a token of your appreciation. What do you think?) Heh! Heh! Heh!

But I'm just an innocent lady...Yes I am, Mr. Brown!

(I'm sure you are but it doesn't hurt to see you naked does it?)

I'll let you see me butt naked later on, Mr. Brown...How will these do for starters?

(Holy smokes! Those will hold me over just fine in the meantime.)

Introducing Luscious Lynn...I will now introduce some of my multiples in mouth watering photo sets. Enjoy!

I'd love to be that fur right now.
...She could be on top of my just like that fur.

She has all the qualities of a sweet centerfold. Nice!

Let's give a good cheer for this lovely girl next door....! Yowza!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mmmm...These taste so good, I can't wait to taste the other one....

(Neither can I, Joyce...How about I take care of that other one while you take care of that one?)

Who wants to finish washing me down?

(Me!!! MEEEEE!!!!!)

Yeah, Brown! Phuck me into next week! Let my leg up any way you want it!

(You damn skippy! I'm going to phuck you so hard, the next time you open you eyes it'll be Friday....and today's Saturday.)

What? Are these too big for you, Ryan?

(Stacy, I don't think "too big" is even in Ryan's vocabulary.)

Deliciously sweet! Just the sight of those can bring instant hardness....

No way in hell I'm telling her to get out of my chair...at least not until I get me a taste of those.

Don't let our college freshmen looks fools you, Sword...We're experienced.

Hee! Hee! Hee! Tank, looks like you caught us! You wanna join us?

You just gotta love my first time drinker parties...

You just never know what direction the party will go. That was completely unplanned...but welcome!

When I get done with this shot, I want a kiss, Brown. You know I love your kisses.

(Thank you, Baby...and I love kissing you too-- everywhere!)

Ready to lick...just add tongue!

Do you want me to kneel like this, Brown?

(Mmmm....Perfect, Jessica, perfect.)

Kiss the cleavage, Ryan...NOW!

(I think he's out of town...I'll do it!)

Wanna taste of this?

( Absolutely! Oh...Are you talking about that food...or the dessert in your green top?)

Perfectly round like two chocolate saucers....

Rub your face in between these, Brown...on your knees.

(I ain't to proud to beg....I'll get on my knees, I'll beg or whatever you want for a taste of those, Paola.)

MILF magic...

...she can work some of that on my johnson any time she likes.