Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I heard you were a titty man, Mr. Brown. It's time to put that mouth to the test.

(Wow! When I'm done sucking on those sweet delights, I will most certainly get an A+ on your test!)

Yeah...I'm going to put these in Asher's mouth and bounce his face on these. He's going to remember me!

(With those big juggs, you're already unforgettable!)

Don't let me nerdy looks fool you, Brown. With one of your drinks, I will freak you better than any woman you ever had!

(Oh my! Looks like I better make you a drink and get this party started.)

I'm new to the culture. I hope Brown will educate me on everything I need to know.

I sure will. Her innocent look makes her that much more delightful.

Now that is quite a party favor for ya!

Oh my stars and stripes! This will indeed be a very nice Frat House night!

Sure, I'll go with you, Brown. I was curious what goes on at the Frat House anyway.

(You're going to enjoy what you discover, My lovely MILF sweetheart.)

Yes, I'm from the islands, Sword. I know how much you like us island girls!

(I love island girls too, Sugar!) 

When I do Kung Fu, I like to distract my opponents by being naked. That's when I can blindside them with my moves.

(Brilliant strategy. This is just one more reason to enjoy the martial arts.)

This is what you get if you add me to your blog, Mr. Brown. You like?

(As you can see, tight bodies like yours will always make the cut with that fresh out of the shower look.)

I'm an all-night delight, Brown. I knew you'd call me back again, but not so soon!

(You are welcome at the Frat House and my club any time you feel like it. You have full and unlimited VIP status, Baby.) 

I'm not just a party guest at your Frat House party, I'm a CELEBRATION.

(Yes you are. I'm about to bring out the champagne and pour it down your cleavage in your honor.)

Hungry for some cinnamon, Papi?

(Hell to the YEAH, Mamacita!)

Are we going to do bikini night every Friday as part of our freshmen orientation? If so, this is so cool. I wonder what else you have in store for us.

(The things we have in store for you at the Frat House is the stuff of legends, Sweetheart.)

You know I could easily bounce your face between these, Brown. You know that, right?

(Absolutely. I'd let you do it and as a reward, I'll let your entire body bounce on ME!)

You want some of this, Asher? I've been naughty. You know I love trains too, right?

Now that's a girl after a Frat Brother's heart.

Mmmmm...I bet that tastes good...

...and it's fun to watch another girl taste her too!

Your mouth, right here, Brown!

(Indeed! Mmmm...They taste SO phucking good! Thank you!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hi, Mr. Asher! As you can see I'm very skilled with domestic work. Mr. Brown hired me to serve you. Is that okay?

(I'm sure he'll be so appreciative of you that he'll think it's his birthday.)

Excuse me-- Can you give me a hand with these?

(I'll be happy to. In fact, I'll give you two!)

Oh so lovely and delicate...

...until I can get her a couple of my mixed drinks and that all will change.

I think it's going to take to of your Frat Boys to motorboat these, Brown. What do you think?

(Oh my! I think I'll have to agree, but right now, let me put those to the test.)

Hello, Mr. Brown. I look forward to the freshman orientation hosted by your Frat House. I hear it's legendary!

(Yes it is, Jamie...and your tight body makes you eligible. Welcome!)

I sure hope Brown considers this pic for his blog...I think I have the body for it.

(Yes, I say indeed you do. As you can see, you made the cut.)

I bet Brown would love to swirl his tongue up and down my cleavage.

(You better believe that, Sweetness. That is the type of cleavage you dream about.)

We're ready for some Frat House fun, Brown! Can we entertain you Frat Boys?

(Always, Ladies! Welcome to the Frat House.)

Hmmmm...I wonder who'd like to be my date tonight?

(I'm already knocking on your door, Shannon. My ride is right downstairs waiting for you!)

I've got your favorite color on, but I can put on leather if like for a little extra spice.

(Ohhhh yeahh, Rosita! I am down with all of that...but clothing is always optional, Sugar.)

Hello, Mr. Brown. We're here for our wrestling appointment with you. We must tell you though...we only do it NAKED!

(Ladies, I wouldn't have it any other way and that'll ensure it's a win-win for all of us.) Heh! Heh!

I may look serious, but I love to play too. You wanna give me a go?

(Let's give you a go right here in the woods, Baby.)

Mmmmwaahh! I've got the silk robe on, Brown...I suppose you want these in your face some more?

(You want my beard in those just as much as I do!)

Much LOVE to you, Frat Boys!

(We love you back tremendously, Lucy! You're always welcome in the company of the Fraternity!)

I'm...unwrapped and ready to go, Asher. You wanna slide under me?

My, my...that is always a delightful invitation.

Now all they need is a couple of my mixed drinks...

...and that's when the fun will really begin!

This is quite the compliment that you're adding me to your babeblog, Brown. I just want to KISS you!

(You're free to do just that, Angela...and so much more!)

We love coming to your club, Brown. I especially love your "booze for boobs" specials!

(At the rate you're going, you'll be getting free beers every night.)


I hear Tank is coming to town soon, Mr. Brown! Will I see him?

(We'll make it happen, Baby. Tank deejays overseas these days. As soon as he gets here, wear something like that because between that cleavage is where his head is going.)

Hello, Mr. Brown. We love your club. We're your juicy party guests as you requested. Are we going to the VIP suite so you can fully enjoy

(You damn right. Get your sweet asses up there! You already have my mouth watering.)

I know I'll get my turn with Asher next. His seductive power is so hard for me to resist...

When the ladies are thinking like that, those are the times we'd all would love to read minds.

I'm down for Door #1, Sword. What's the prize?

(In the Frat House, there's a long, stiff prize behind every door .)

Sure, Brown! I'll raise my glass up. What is this toast being proposed to?

(I toast to your two pitcher special which make for a great Happy Hour!)

Fluff my pillows, Brown. You know you want to!

(Indeed I do! In fact, let me take you up to the VIP suite to discuss this further.)

Hi Asher. I'm Erica! I don't know if you're into Asian women like me, but I'll do anything to convert your tastes...see?

(I see you just like Asher does...and I love Asians!)

Amazingly juicy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asher's getting a big time cheer today. Look at THESE!

(Those are nice, but I don't think he'll like them unless they are in his mouth!)

How about it, Sword? You gonna teach me a lesson or what?

(When Sword's done with you, school is not over yet!)