Thursday, October 6, 2011

I support the troops always...

,,,but if any of our female troops want to ride on a missile, mine would be the most fun.

Do they even do raves anymore?

Not that I care. I'd be there strictly to take all of their babes to the Frat House for the REAL parties.

Delicious college babes!

We keep the Frat House open 24/7 for their sexual delight and convenience.

Beach fun!

Give it to me!

Dude should be doing something with that girl's titties...

Never mind. I'll take care of them.

Gotta love the tight titty t-shirts...

...they haven't failed to please yet.

Cinnamon delights!

Yum yum

Are these approved for the blog, Mr. Brown?

If I post them, Stacy, they are APPROVED!

I promise I won't hustle you in pool. What gave you the idea I would cheat?

Well, I have TWO BIG REASONS why that might be the case...

We're Frat House groupies and proud of it!

We know, Ladies. Are you in my room tonight or David's?

Is there something else you want us to do, Brown?

With my video camera in hand, I think you know the answer to that question.

Don't trip...

...our adopted Frat House mom loves to phuck too, so we make sure she gets hers.

I love when the fans come out to the Frat house pool....

...because they will get naked on cue!

Fan favorite Paola is back!

I never get tired of seeing those sweet juggs!

Mmmm....Her face says phuck me hard....

...and with those sweet titties, that is exactly what I'd do.

She looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine...

...and her titties looked just as good.

Come get some of this for take out...

Don't mind if I do. I love Asian food!


Someone's going to want some of this in their mouths...I wonder who?

ME! MEEE!!!!

Hey Yummy Brown...

Hey yourself, Yummier than me :)

Love the exotics!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I get it why The Swordsman loves his boats so much...


...I better top off her drink right quick.

That pretty much says it all...

...and I love her too!

Welcome back, Mr. Brown...If you were gone any longer, I would've hated for you to miss...THIS!

Oh my! You're right and I never want to miss the sight of a nice underrack.


Those titties belong in only one place...Brown's SS Babeblog

I trust after these examples that I do not have to remind you of WHY we have so many pool parties at the Frat House... be ignorant of it either makes you gay, stupid or dead.

Oh my!

Girls like her continually remind me why I love the beach so much.


A nice kiss between chicks is a johnson hardening experience.