Monday, May 16, 2011

It gives me great pleasure to present my 8,000th pic! Using a special camera lens to fully highlight September's juggs is no better way to celebrate.

Thank you for your continued support as I get ready to enjoy these. Cheers! See you at the 9,000th!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Make this kitty purr, Brown!

(You bet I will because I'm sure that's some really good pussy, Cat!)

Oh Brown! It'll take TWO of you Frat Boyz to handle these!

(Nice! Now those are what I call exotic juggs.)


I don't think I need to say more.

OMG! I start college this Fall and I don't have much money for tuition...What can I do, Brown?

(It looks like you already have a couple of means of currency on hand that you can use to negotiate a Frat House college scholarship...Put that currency in my hands and you'll have a deal.) 

Hey Ladies. Busty plump and juicy is always welcome here...

...a motorboat will get you in the VIP suite.

Juicy cleavage...


That looks like an upside down bird headed in the right direction...

...because that's where I'd be swooping to.

Hmmm....I wonder what Asher is doing tonight?

(I'm sure he's thinking about you and on his way over. I'm sure I would be. My oh my!)

There's something seductive about luscious ladies put their thumbs in their mouths...

...and they know every inch of the seductive power of it.

Yowza! I told her not to phuck with my strong drinks....

...Jimmy, when she passes out, bring her and those juggs up to the VIP suite please.

Goth goodness!

I'd pound every inch of her in all of her goth glory.

Hey Brown. Are you saying beautiful just to get in my pants or are you just being nice?

(Oh Baby. I'm just being nice, Belinda. Trust won't regret it.) Heh! Heh!

Hey Asher. I love purple...Don't you?

(Hey Miss! I like purple too!)

I'm new to the concept of motorboating, Brown. Is this the right shirt for it?

(The word on your pic says it all. "Yesss!")

It is awesome I get to be on your blog, Mr. Brown. I feel like a trophy babe!

(Those golden globes in your shirt was all you need to win a shot on the blog, Gorgeous.)

Hey Brown! Get over here and dip me!

Excuse me, Everyone...I've got to join that fine missy in a splashdown.

Why is it that Asher's into hand bras all of a sudden? I thought he liked costumes.

(Hand bras are the style, Baby. Just go with it.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's okay...bury your head in these, Brown!

(Mmmm...I most certainly will. Thank you.)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I can show them how to do that right...

...but they have to be naked.

Nice. Titties are about to pop out to the point that there's almost a nip slip...

...and I want that nip to slip right into my mouth.

We didn't come to your club just to party, Brown...We want to go to your VIP suite.

('ve got it, Ladies. All you had to do was ask.)


This is a girl I could kiss for hours...among other things.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Asher going to be my guide for the Frat House freshman orientation? I hear he is a lot of fun with us former cheerleaders.

(I'm sure you had him at cheerleader and he is speeding on his way here.) koochie is so good, it has a glow to it.

(Looks like I need to...tap into that glow.) Heh!

We keep giving you reasons to love the beach, don't we, Mr. Brown?

(Believe that, Ladies. Get naked and I'll love it even more.)

Hey Asher. Get in here, have a lick and dip me!

I'm sure it's not necessarily in that order.

These are GREAT for sucking...Have at them, Mr. Brown!

(Oh my! For me? It's not even my birthday yet.) Heh!

Yeah? Well suck on THESE then, Man!

(Oh my...I'm puckering up a plenty!)

You know you want this...that's why you're hard as a brick, Frat Boy!

(I have to say you're right...which is why it's...difficult to...get...these...pants off.)

Now that's a formal invite if I ever saw one!

Well, Mr. Brown-- If you're going to get my t-shirt wet, you need to get me wet all the way.

(That is the whole point, Nikki!)