Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's a lovely actress that I like, so she had to be included here. Yummy!

Get over here, Brown...I want you licking the other side, Baby!

(Oh my! Thank you! Thank you so much!)

Uh uh, Brown! The last time you did that, you got your love potion all over my neck and chin. Can you move a little lower with it next time?

(Sure, Baby...Whatever you say. Heh! Heh!)

Mmmm...Sword! I love sailing with you. Is THIS my official uniform?

I think that's the uniform I've seen every girl wear on his boats...Do they all work for Sword or does the hat distinguish them? Heh!

Hurry up and get in here, Sword. Tell me more about that "doggie style" thing you're talking about. What is that?

She's obviously either a virgin or her last boyfriend wasn't doing thing right.

You better get some of this sweetness. My boyfriend will be back tomorrow. I have been fantasizing being dipped in chocolate for a long time, Brown.

(I'm glad to make your fantasies cum true...would you like a taste of this chocolate before I dip you?)

Oooh Ryan! You wouldn't leave me out in the woods all by my lonesome would you, Sugar?

(With those, I'll send out a search party right now! I'd never leave those alone.)

I almost overlooked the fact that she's about to light up. Please recognize that I don't endorse smoking at all...

...but a nice set of tits are enough to keep distracted where I may not notice. At least until I start coughing.

Heyyyyy! It's always so nice to see you, Brown! Can I feel your beard between these again please?

(Kayla, I'll do anything for you...This just happens to be one of my guilty pleasures.)

Hi Ryan! I think it's time for big strong boys like you and Brown to take a break from your hard work...Hey look! I even brought your snacks!

After a nice snack like that, my day would not be the only thing that's hard...and that would be a good thing. Especially for her.

Mmmm...I've got to have more of you, Brown. I ain't to proud to beg, Baby!

(As delicious looking as you are, I should be the one begging, Baby!)

I always knew I was hot, but I didn't know I was hot enough to make the cut on to your blog, Brown. Thank you!

(As luscious as you are, there are plenty of ways you can thank me, Christina!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


...I'm about to get in the tub with her and enjoy those sweet looking titties. Yum!

Sasha, don't you wish you had yours THIS big?

I know I wish her's were that big...but it doesn't mean I won't do a threesome anyway.

It's just seeing Brown's muscles that make me want to get naked...I can't help it.

(If that's the case, wait until I flex for you!)

I thought I could take both you and Sword on, but he's out at sea...Looks like you have me all to yourself, Brown.

(Sweeeet! Thanks, Sword! You're the man!)

I just want you to love me and treat me right, Brown...

(I will always love and treat you right, Baby! Look sooo good!)

Mmmmmwahhhh to you, Tank! Don't you like cinnamon?

(Hey! I love cinnamon!)

Feel free to bounce on us anytime, Brown!

(That I will...Enjoy these drinks in the meantime, Ladies!)

How do you like me in this, Sword? Am I what you imagined?

(Hmmm...If Sword doesn't pay attention to this sweet cinnamon babe, I'll go ahead and take the point on this.)

Brown, you know that's way too big for my tightness...

(What if I work it in slow? You'll be able to adjust to it.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks for taking us to Vegas, Ryan...How can we repay you?

I think I know the answer to that question.

I think those two are going to phuck around tonight...

..and I'm going to have my camera at the ready to catch all of the action. Yowza!

You want some of this boob grab bag too, Brown?

(Phuck yeah...I want you partake in all of your grab bags!)

I love you, Sword...Take me away, Baby!

(Oh wow! I'd love to take her away myself...into my bedroom!)

They are kind of big, huh?

(Uh..yes they are. Would you be MY prom date?)

Sodas or MILK, Mr. Brown?

(Milk of course. It does the body good...especially right from your tap.)

Brown, Ryan and Sword...because Brown's favorite color is red...

...or whatever colors the big titty girls are wearing that day. LOL!

Tank, if you don't get your mouth on these right now, I'm running to Brown!

Don't worry about this one, Tank...I'll be happy to take those off your hands and put them in my mouth. Heh! Heh!

Oh Ryan...Please suck on these. I need you lips on these sooo badly!

Holy smokes! If only Ryan was out of town....

Mmmm...MILF magnifico!

Her juggs look just as good as Wifey's

Yes, the devil made me do it...again and again and again...

...and she'll keep having me do it if she keeps looking that good.

Of course I love The Swordsman! Who doesn't?

(Wow! She can love me too. Yum!)

What can I say? I just love to phuck!

(What a coincidence! So do I! Those titties look so succulent.)

I've heard so much about you, Mr. Brown...Can I kiss you? I heard you love to kiss.

(You bet you can, Cutie. You have some nice, kissable lips. Mmmm...)

Please introduce us to The Swordsman, Brown. I hear he is sooo phucking hot!

(No problem, Ladies...He loves outgoing gals like yourselves.)

Here's a pic for your cell phone, Brown! Enjoy!

(Aw sh*t! I sure will! Thanks.)

The Sensational Shannon Show - "The Ultimate Party Girl" Season 2

Nothing makes the ratings (and other things) go up like titties and tongues.

Sword's, Brown's, Tank's and Ryan's babes...Welcome to the lingerie party!

Time to get out the liquor!

Hey Brown! I didn't know you were a special guest star on The Sensational Shannon Show!

(Lori, it was no way in hell I wasn't going to get in on at least one episode...I just want to get in on one where all of you get naked.)

After that drink, they'll definitely be Tank, Sword and Ryan's women tonight..

Courtesy of yours truly...because my mixed drinks are a monster!

Both of you, Brown and Ryan? I'd love to! Ya'll can even role play as my "prisoners."

(Hey...I can work with that.)

Taste these, Brown...They're yours!

(Thank you. Don't mind if I do!)

The Sensational Shannon Show - "The Ultimate Party Girl" - Season 2...

Shannon is always at the most delicious parties with her delicious looking friends.

Sorry, I'm just a little shy...

(That's fine, Baby...Your cleavage isn't.)

Ryan, I heard you loved me...If that's true, I dedicate this pose to you.

(Oh my stars and stripes! I love you too, Erica! Can you dedicate a pose to me too?)

If I trip and fall at anytime during this party, pleeeeeeease let me fall into those...

...that would be a moment it would pay off to be clumsy.

We want you, Sword, Tank, Ryan and that Jamaican Guy for some serious partying...Anything goes! You think they'll be interested?

(That won't be hard to guess. Cindy, you're my dance partner tonight, especially with that cute pink top.)

I'm ready, Baby. Make a woman out of me...

(That will be my delight, Nicole. I see they're already primed for the sucking.)

I'll always be your queen, Sword! I wore your favorite color blue just to confirm it.

All hail the lovely one!