Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr. Brown, I heard you like girls in white t-shirts...How does this one look?

(Daaaaaaaaaaamn! You fill that t-shirt out very well! I think you've answered the question as to why I like girls in white t-shirts so much.)

With party girls, anything goes....

...and I always hope it starts with their clothes.

You really like them, Brown? I don't even have a tan.

(Tiffany, those sweet vanilla delights don't need a fricken tan...getting dipped in chocolate is all the tan you'll ever need.)

Hello, Mr. Brown...Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Per the Anonymous request of the gal claiming to be the one in the pic, I have removed it...I say to anyone that by the time it gets to me, it is all over cyberspace and it will take you about a year or more to get it removed from every site I've seen it.
Sometimes you just got to accept it as such, because if they're not drooling over it at Brown's Supersexy Babeblog (which is the best place to drool over it at), they're drooling over you pic somewhere else on hundreds of other sites. Not every gal makes the cut to be here and it was an honor to have you if it is really you.
I say to all of you hot babes, if you're a hottie and you don't want to be all over cyberspace, do yourself a favor-- don't post your pics.
*Sigh* I'm sure going to miss that pic.

Always like to have a whole lot of Faith with me when I go on a hike in the deep woods...

...because each time we stop, she's going to feel a woody deep inside of her.

Parties? We love parties! Do we need to bring anything?

(Just coming over naked will do just fine, Ladies!)

Busty bikini babes in polka dot is a winning combination....

...I'd love to connect those dots.

Mmmm...Slammin' body she has. If I was at that zoo, I'd "go ape" for a gander at those.

I'm 18 now, Brown...You damn right I'm ready for whatever you want to do!

(Now that's what I like to hear! I've been wanting to lay you down since you were 16, but waiting these two years was well worth the wait.)

Brown and Ryan...You guys look great in your tuxedos...We're going to have a great time at the governor's ball! You like our cleavage?

(You bet! I think the after-party is going to be the real, Ryan?)

May I have everyone's attention please?! Take a gander at this fine cleavage!

(Wow! You really didn't have to make an announcement. Just showing them would've instantly got my attention.)

Watch it, Ladies! That's how experimentation starts...

...Then again, what the heck am I saying? Please proceed, Ladies!

Those looked so good they fogged up my lens...

Once she's done, I plan to dunk Miss Strawberry deep in chocolate...and I'm not talking about that pool of course.

Ah ha! I finally get to see that sweet rack. You really have a nice set, Gina!

(Please don't stop on my account...except to give me time to set up my video camera.)

Too bad I couldn't crop out the knucklehead, but that rack on her was worth the sacrifice. Yum!

*Sigh* What can I say? Guys and gals want to kiss my big hooters. It's hard to turn down the attention.

(If that's the case, let me get in line to get a kiss too!)

Yeah..We can push them up. See?

(Feel free to use my arm instead anytime you like.)

Aw PHUCK, Brown! I never thought getting dipped in chocolate felt this good! Oh! Oh! I'm about to phucking cum!

Another vanilla girl converted and satisfied!

This is a very nice summer home you have here, Mr. Brown. Thanks so much for inviting us.

(That's always a pleasure, Ladies...After a few of my drinks, I'm sure you can think of something to return the favor.)

Natalie, you look yummy in that yellow top...You two are going to be my special guests tonight. I'm getting all of your drinks.

...Because I need to get better acquainted with Natalie. I'm willing to bet her friend may actually have a nice bod hidden under that loose clothing, so I need to see her too. You understand.

Hey Ryan! Would you like to take us out with you to party?

( Mmmm...If he doesn't, I will, Ladies!)

First time drinkers and I already got them naked and on each other...

...maybe I should start them off slow with a lite beer or something. Then again...NAH!

Sorry, Brown...I'm naked in this car but I can only show you part of me...You'll just have to meet me to see the rest.

(Oh my! Name the place and the time and I'll be there!)

Oh! We are so naughty! What are you going to do to us, Brown? Punish us?

(Oh yeah...Let me call Sword and Ryan. We'll need to teach you ladies a lesson.)

This is one of the few times the blonde trumps the brunette...and you know why!

Mmmmwahhh! This is for you, Brown! You gonna come over or what?

(Liz, I'm already knocking at your door!)

We love being on your blog, Brown! We must be pretty HOT to be on here!

(Uh yeah, Ladies! Only the finest busty chicks grace this blog.)

Yum! That's turning me on and I'm just watching...

...she can lick me like that anytime.

Since blue is one of my favorite colors, I've got dibs on the babe wearing blue.

She is lovely in blue too!

What a coincidence! I like blue in this pic too! I guess I've got dibs again.

It must be my lucky day!

Looks like I gave her too much to drink...

...Looks like I'm going to have to carry her up to my bed because she is in no condition to drive. Heh! Heh! Heh!

Grrr! I want to be manhandled and wrested, Brown! Since my skinny friend can't do it, would YOU like a go at me?

(How about...hell phucking yeah!?)

I don't think Sharon realizes that Theresa was actually enjoying the chance to cop a feel in this pic...

...and I sure wish that was my hand instead.

Thanks for letting us use your pool again, Brown...How can we return the favor?

(What I have in mind, you'll never really have to ask that question...especially after a few drinks.)

Ha! Ha! She's drunk and jump bumped right into me...I'm just trying to steady her up.

(That's very kind...How about if you steady her up in my suite...naked?)

Belinda! Sasha! I didn't think you ladies could make it. I'm especially glad you did!

...especially Belinda! That is a some damn sweet cleavage.

Her body is phucktabluous! I just want to pic her up in the threshhold and carry her away like a wildman.

Yum fricken yum!

This is a very good drink, Mr. Brown. Are you sure alcohol is in it?

(By the time you finish that drink and get up from that chair, you'll find out...It's that potent. Just stay away from the pool please.)

Mmmm! I never had anyone suck on my titty before especially not another girl. Mmmm. Keep this up and I might start liking women.

Don't you just love first time experimentation?

Like in the movie Robocop: I'll buy THAT for a dollar!

Hell, I'll actually pay top dollar! De-fricken-lish!

Take us to your place after the party, Brown. We don't want to come home tonight if we get too drunk.

(Sweet! That's exactly what I had in mind, Ladies...We are so on the same page.) Heh! Heh!

You look good in purple, Sweet thang! You have become a fan favorite in these parts...

...and we all know why.

You wanna play some volleyball with us, Brown? You can really see how we bounce the volleyball court.

(Hell yeah I want to play...especially since I know the court will not be the only things bouncing around.)

Belinda, why do you do this to me? Come on up to the VIP room this instant!

(You are way too fine to settle for being an ordinary guest in my club! Bring your girlfiend too. The knucklehead has to stay down here though...Sorry Dude!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey Sword! Wasn't these chicks fully clothed before they set sail with you? Now they're kissing butt naked and carrying on. I need to join in on that!

After scanning the room, it appears that she is the one that stands out with the hottest bod...and I love chicks with braces too.

There's just something hot about that...Maybe she needs glasses and a couple of pigtails with that too.

Hey! Our first dorm together! Can we celebrate at your party tonight, Brown?

(Of course you can, Ladies...but you look too clean cut. Let me see if you ladies will get loose after a few drinks.)

You think we won't kiss on a dare, Brown? Why don't you see us after this party! Is your suite okay?

(Uh...Let me see-- How about PHUCK YEAH!)

The color of the day is...ORANGE!

...and you already know why!

Yeah, Brownie Baby! We'll take on two guys at the same time...Call Sword, Ryan and Tank. We'll take you ALL on...after several of your drinks!

(Alright, Missy and Madeline...The last chicks that said that could barely walk...You sure you're ready for that, Ladies?)

Come on, Brown. My blonde friend is hot too...So what if she's a "B" cup.

(Sorry, Kim...Large "C" cups and above trumps facial features every time with me. She's hot for guys that don't like breasts.)