Thursday, May 5, 2011

We keep giving you reasons to love the beach, don't we, Mr. Brown?

(Believe that, Ladies. Get naked and I'll love it even more.)


asher said...

Right. Beaches are good. Nude beaches are better.

david_b said...

Depends, on nude beaches.. Went to one outside Praque. In theory, they're nice, but on hot days, waiting in line for ice cream.., you see a LOT of folks you really don't want to see naked.


Great pics, Mr. Brown!!

brown911 said...

I concur, Asher. I've been to one near Miami that had nearly all college age students. What a pleasant surprise that was.

@David: I was actually expecting what you're referring to when I decided to visit that nude beach. I was so relieved to discover the babes were FINE.

The_Swordsman said...

I enjoy both types of beaches and believe me, I've seen a lot of both.