Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't trip...

...our adopted Frat House mom loves to phuck too, so we make sure she gets hers.


david_b said...

I LOVE seeing Frat Moms get their pipes checked. It's so very important among Frat House priorities.

She looks delicious enough for long, slow devouring.

All great photos, Mr. Brown...!

brown911 said...

Thanks, Frat Brother. I'm going get back down to business and post thousands of my new supersexy babes.

david_b said...

Thank you, Sir. I've been traveling of late and JUST saw your new pics..


I STILL look fondly on our Frat Moms as they sway back forth on top.

After a nice shower, their canolies are so delicious and warm for breakfast, or any time of day..

Fratboys must eat too, you know.

brown911 said...

You got that right. No Frat Moms are like the Frat Moms at our house. They are more like Frat MILFs.

david_b said...

I notice they seem to hang around the showers alot..

They ALWAYS seem to be very, very appreciative of my 'feasting' afterwards.

More than all the younger guests, Frat moms know JUST what the Frat boys like. We can never have enough of that, now can we..?

I hope they're sharing what they know..

Great pictures, sir.