Sunday, April 22, 2012

I wonder if I should take this off for Brown's approval or not?

I'd say they meet my approval very much.


brown911 said...

"King Penis", While most posts are welcome, if you are going post on here, you need to find you another avatar. I post chicks and last thing I want to see are dick picks.

Your post will be moderated and deleted until you change your avatar if you want to post on the SSBB. Sorry, Dude. Those are the ground rules.

david_b said...

Wonderful Picture, sir..

Seems like a MILF and feast on.

Great selection of new frat visitors of late, I salute you.

david_b said...

Delightful visitors, Mr. Brown, how DO you attract in so many eager participants..??

Looks nearly a MILF, the tastier the better.

Kudo's again sir..!